Monday, 22 February 2010

The Paper Round: Monday February 22

Theo skins the fullback, originally uploaded by big baad dom.

There isn't too much around this morning, but plenty of people are talking about Theo Walcott and his England chances.

Tony Cascarino in The Times believes Theo Walcott has got three big months ahead of him.
The Irishman writes: “All he needs is a long run of games and he'll develop the confidence to harness his pace to good effect. He could be as good as Aaron Lennon was in the early part of the campaign.”
As good as Aaron Lennon.... lets hope he is better.

Meanwhile Stan Collymore in the Daily Mirror also wants to talk Theo.
He suggest in his first sentence that Arsene should call him for his help in turning Walcott into a “top striker quickly”.
“He has been running around like a headless chicken recently for Arsenal and I can understand why some fans are frustrated with him,” writes Collymore.
“Yet I really believe in the kid's potential and would love the chance to work with him as a former striker myself. So Arsene, and I know you read my column, if you want me to work with Theo twice a week for free, teaching him some striking tips, then get in touch.”
I'd rather someone with a bit more experience than Collymore was asked to help Theo, that's if Arsene needs any help.

Spare a though for ex-gunner Ashley Cole.
According to Matt Lawton in the Daily Mail, Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich “will no longer tolerate behaviour that harms the image of the club.”
News broke yesterday of an alleged extramarital affair on a pre-season tour involving Cole.
Lawton writes: “It was claimed that he lied to a senior club official who was then implicated in a damaging cover-up designed to stop details appearing in the media.
“While a heavy fine and a suspension would seem the most likely punishment, Abramovich is so angry that club officials have not ruled out the possibility of former Arsenal defender Cole being transfer-listed.”
One insider told the Daily Mail: “Remember, this is the guy who kicked out Jose Mourinho and Adrian Mutu. Ashley might be the best left back in the world but the players were told on Wednesday that nobody is above the law. A line has been drawn in the sand and the owner has had enough.”

The Daily Mirror report we're chasing QPR attacking midfielder Raheem Sterling.
The 15-year-old was watched in an under-18 game at the weekend by Manchester United.
Also in for his signature are Manchester City and Fulham.

In his Daily Star column, Brian Woolnough “can't believe” we're still in the title race having lost to Chelsea and United.
“For those Arsenal doubters, like me, a quick look at their forthcoming fixtures proves Wenger right,” he writes.
“They have the easier run in with Stoke, Burnley, Hull, West Ham, Birmingham and Wolves all coming next.
“But it has to be between Chelsea and United.”
We're very much in the race and to show that we need a victory at Stoke on Saturday.

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