Thursday, 4 March 2010

The Arsenal paper round - Thursday March 4, 2010

The Aaron Ramsey media merry-go-round continues this morning.

In his column in The Independent, Andy Cole says he doesn't believe the tackle on Aaron Ramsey was malicious.

He writes:

"Many of you will have seen it several times by now, as I have. The consequences were horrible, not something you'd wish on anyone. Was the challenge late? Yes. Clumsy? Yes. Malicious? No.

"Shawcross has an exceptionally clean record for a centre-half and you could tell by his reaction - crying in shock, and not at his red card - that he was as mortified as anyone.

"I felt for both players and it goes without saying that I wish Ramsey the swiftest recovery. He is young, determined and shaping up to be some player, and he'll be back.

"I can understand Arsène Wenger being upset at the injury, the third really serious one in recent times for his players. But if he truly thinks Shawcross set out to maim Ramsey then I'm afraid he's off the mark."

In the Bolton News, Bolton Manager Owen Coyle says other sides do not target Arsenal by roughing them up during the game.

He said:

"The Arsenal have special players, no doubt about that, but there is no way in the world that anyone would go out to intentionally hurt or maim any player.

"Ramsey is a terrific talent and is going to be a top player but there's no way that [tackle] was intentional to hurt him."

"If you're not motivated to go out there and be aggressive to begin with, to earn the right to play, then you're going to be run over the top of and made to look foolish.

"We all take pride in trying to make our players competitive, to go and earn the right, as we say in football, but there's no way you'd say to one of your players 'Go and smash this and that'."

He goes on to say:

"It was badly timed, just like the other day. The boy Shawcross took a bad touch and I'm not even sure if he knew Ramsey was there.

"It's horrible when any young player gets an injury but it's wrong when people start posting blame and saying that they meant it."

Gilberto spoke to the media after Brazil played Ireland at the Grove on Tuesday. He was asked about the situation with a player being injured and coming through that with Arsenal.

He said:

"I am very sorry for him because he is such a young and talented player.

"I wish him all the best for a very good Out recovery, but it is very good here at Arsenal with Arsene Wenger and the medical staff because they do not rush the player. They give them time to recover.

"I hope he is patient because it is not going to be easy. He does not have to rush and has time because he is only 19.

"It is very important for him to have a good recovery. If he rushes himself to be back too quickly, maybe he will have a setback."

And finally on Ramsey for today, Kelvin MacKenzie in his column in The Sun has a word or two for the Stoke fans who chanted abuse on Saturday.

He writes:

"What kind of people are they?

"I am appalled at the chants by a minority of Stoke fans at Arsenal's brilliant young Aaron Ramsey was put into an ambulance with a double leg fracture following a brutal tackle.

"They sang: "One leg. He's only got one leg."

"The injury was so serious that Sky Sports correctly refused to re-show the tackle. Perhaps the Arsenal fans, who last month chanted the fabulous line "Thursday Night Channel Five" at Liverpool fans over them now playing in the Europa Cup, might sing next time they play Stoke: "One brain cell. You've only got one brain cell."

There were international games last night. I don't like international football in general and England in particular.

Theo Walcott played for Fabio Capello's men and there are two articles in the Guardian by Richard Williams and the Daily Telegraph by Alan Smith which won't make happy reading for him.

And to end today, here's an interesting insight to player's hobbies. Tomas Rosicky plays the guitar.

He provided backing to singer Lou Fananek at the Czech Footballer of the Year awards according to the Metro.

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