Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The Arsenal Paper Round: Tuesday March 9

Samir Nasri looks set to be placed in the Cesc Fabregas role with our captain out of tonight's tie with Porto.

Arsene Wenger has earmarked Samir Nasri to play in Cesc's role on the right of the midfield three, with the flexibility of moving forward to play just behind the central striker when we're attacking.

Wenger said:

"I have to find a balance in the team, to be offensively strong without neglecting our defensive side.

"I need to think who will last the whole game. Arshavin will not last 90 minutes if he starts.

"Nasri started the season with a fibula fracture and it took him a while to get back to his best, but in the last few weeks he has got stronger and more confident. He is very

"He can play defensive midfield, attacking midfield and on the flanks. We have a few players like that and I love that."

Nasri is a player I love to watch, along with Rosicky and Arshavin. They are clever players, who spot a pass and can run with the ball at players.

I think he'll do a good job for us tonight, if he's given that role.

The Times are reporting that as part of William Gallas contract negotions, Arsenal have asked him to halve his wages.

Gallas is due to meet with Arsenal to discuss an extention. The club offered him a one year deal which he turned down.

The paper report:

"In this week's meeting Wenger will propose a compromise whereby Gallas would receive a two-year contract for the value of the one-year deal already on the
table, effectively meaning his £80,000 wages would be halved to £40,000 a week.

"In addition, the 32-year-old would also receive a £500,000 bonus if he stays at the club until the second year of the new contract, to be triggered at the start of the 2011-12 season."

They report Gallas has received offers from Roma, Marseilles and Paris Saint-Germain, even though none of them are likely to improve on Arsenal's offer.

Manuel Almunia has spoken to the Daily Mirror about the loss of his mother-in-law which forced him to miss six weeks of the season, following compassionate leave and a chest infection.

Almunia said:

"I had a family bereavement, when my motherin-law died. She was a very special
person for me and my wife. She was great.

"As soon as it happened, the manager let me go to Spain and stay with my wife, and family, to spend all the time I wanted.

"Every person, every player, has had experiences, where the next day you have to wake up and continue working, getting on with your life.

"It is difficult, but when you are mature it is a bit easier to cope. Things can affect you as much as your head lets it.

"When something really bad happens to you, you never know how your mind will react.

"At that time, I was very low, but I took my time and now I am ready again.

"I had a difficult start to this season but after a few games I came back stronger and now I am in a very good position to help my team."

Their is a diary piece in The Guardian by the gooner Matt Scott in his Digger column. He writes about the problems caused by losing tonight.

This will be caused because season ticket holders pay for seven cup credits on top of their 19 league games.

Tonight's game will be the forth home cup game of the season.

Chris Waddle does another hatchet job on Theo Walcott with a first person piece in the Daily Mail.

There is a big piece in The Guardian about Nicklas Bendtner. It has quotes about our big Danish striker from Manuel Almunia, Arsene Wenger and the man himself. Well worth a read.

While the Daily Telegraph give over two pages to an interview with Theo Walcott. Another good read.

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