Monday, 1 March 2010

Media spotlight on Ryan Shawcross following Aaron Ramsey tackle

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Now in any normal week there wouldn't be too much press coverage until Thursday when Arsene Wenger holds his regular press conference.

There will be the left over lines which will have missed the Sunday's nationals, with the agreement made as to which player interviews would be held back until today and perhaps tomorrow.

But because this is an international week, things will be different.

Many of our players will have flown out to join their national sides on Saturday night / Sunday morning.

Cesc Fabregas will play for Spain against Bacary Sagna for France. Tomas Rosicky will play for the Czech Republic against Scotland.

Some may well be asked their views on the challenge whilst away, but the man who broke Ramsey's leg in two will receive the most attention.

Normally Ryan Shawcross would be able to spend an international week with a couple of days off training before preparing for next weekend match.

But he's been picked for England, which means he'll be under the control of the FA for the next three days.

They'll be press conferences today and possibly tomorrow and then after the game against Egypt on Wednesday.
With the changing of the captain's armband, there might be some interest in that, you would imagine.

But the media are going to want to talk to Shawcross about his tackle on Ramsey, whether he's spoken to Aaron since it happened and perhaps about being called up for his country.

I would be surprised if he wasn't put forward to speak. It takes the attention away from the John Terry/Wayne Bridge story, which does the FA no good in terms of positive PR.

You would hope that Shawcross has made contact with Ramsey in someway. I would like to think he's gone to the hospital to see him in person.

Given that England train at London Colney (Arsenal's training complex), Shawcross will be sharing the same facilities as our first team squad.

He's bound to come into contact with them as well. I just hope for his sake he's spoken to Aaron and apologised for what he's done. He really has no excuse not to have done.

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  1. Shawcross and Stoke City FC both released comments about the incident.

    I also read that both Shawcross and Pulis had contacted Ramsey by text message, and that Shawcross plans to visit him after the match on Wednesday.