Monday, 1 March 2010

The Paper Round: Monday March 1

I wonder which is the hot topic of discussion this morning.

You've got it. The Aaron Ramsey tackle.

The Daily Telegraph are reporting that Ramsey's double leg fracture could be less serious than injury Eduardo suffered.They believe the damage is purely to Ramsey's right leg, with fractures to the tibia and fibula.

They report: "While clearly serious, Ramsey does not have the added complication of severe ankle damage, meaning there is a good chance he should recover more quickly than Eduardo."

They quote Arsene Wenger saying:

"None of my players have broken anyone's leg. I try to coach my players
to be committed, sometimes I feel nearly guilty to do that because when Aaron
went for the ball like he did and that happens it is not an easy

"The way I try to play the game is I believe the right way. I still prefer
to continue to play like that. We respect the game and our opponents and try to
give pleasure to people who watch us.

"Today in midfield we had Nasri, Fabregas, Eboué - an average age of 21. Up
front Bendtner is 20 years old. What these guys do, at that age, is remarkable.
To handle the game like they handle it. But of course if you destroy them, they
might not be football players."

In the Daily Mirror, John Cross writes that doctors believe Ramsey could be back in six months. He reports Ramsey will be transferred to London for further surgery and treatment by the same specialists who treated striker Eduardo after his leg break two years ago.

Also in his article are quotes from a series of Arsenal players:

Eduardo told a Brazilian TV station:
"Seeing that again made me think about my injury and It brought back
memories."But I am totally convinced Ramsey will come back. The whole team is
with him, supporting him."

Nicklas Bendtner said:

"I don't care about my goal or the win. Aaron is one of my best friends and
all my thoughts go to him. It is a totally horrifying injury.

"I was standing right next to Aaron when it happened, and immediately there
was no doubt at all he had broken his leg.

"It was a terrible, totally mad tackle from Ryan Shawcross, and he is really smashing hard into Aaron.

"The way he is going into the tackle is out of control, and that doesn't belong anywhere. As far as I saw on the pitch, all the players from both teams were shocked and so was I, because everyone could see how awful it was.

"Thomas (Sorensen) came up to me, and we were both really shocked. Now we will go and win the title for

Cesc Fabregas added:

"It felt like the same experience as what happened to Eduardo. I am angry
because players are not protected by referees.

"I love English football but to suffer three such injuries like this in five years means the FA and referees should take more action."

Alan Hansen in his Daily Telegraph column has a lot to say about the manager and his belief that Arsenal players are targeted by the opposition.
He says that Wenger is: "wrong to claim that Arsenal are subjected to tougher and more cynical treatment from opponents than anybody else."
Going on to say: "the truth of the matter is that all teams who come up against Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool know they must get their foot in early if they are to have any chance of getting a result."
This is yet another silly justification of a horrendous challenge. You don't see players from Chelsea, Manchester United or Liverpool being seriously injured with the same occurrence as with us.
Cloggers from teams lower in the league should not be given the justification to get away with challenges like these just because they don't have the skill and speed of thought of the Arsenal players.
Hansen is wrong to yet again repeat this myth and should be ashamed of himself. Where he could have used his soapbox to take issue with players who recklessly go into challenges, like Shawcross, Taylor and Smith, he chose to take issue with Arsene's opinion for which there is evidence.

In The Times Final Word column, Oliver Kay is also having his two penneths worth.
He states: If he (Arsene Wenger) is calling it a conspiracy, a concerted campaign to kick Arsenal and their players out of football, he is on dangerous territory. If he is calling it an unfortunate combination of several factors, with Arsenal's ball-players at greatest risk from the British football culture, he has opened up a debate that could force a rethink of the way the game is played on these shores."
He goes on to stay that Shawcross does not deserve to be vilified, which is can't be undone now. He made the challenge and now he has to live with it. But the problem Arsenal fans have is that the punishment (a three match ban) does not fit the crime, which could see Ramsay out for a year.

And I save the best of the Ramsey reaction until last. (That isn't true at all)

Poor old Stan Collymore in the Daily Mirror can't leave us alone.
Last week it was the offer to teach Theo Walcott to be a striker. This week he wants Arsene Wenger to quit.
He claims the manager's 'overreaction' to Shawcross' tackle on Ramsey "is further proof that he should consider quitting English football."
What planet is this guy on? I though Arsene's interviews post match were measured compared to after the Taylor tackle on Eduardo. He berates Wenger for his comments about Shawcross and says our manager is trying to make football "almost a non-contact sport."
Then writes: "Wenger has a real bitter and nasty streak."
Read it for yourself. You have to wonder if these columnists want to be sensational for the sake of being controversial. This guy really is something else. An awful striker and an unpleasant man.

In other Arsenal news this morning, the Daily Mirror say Jack Wilshere won't be brought back from his loan at Bolton because there was no clause in his contact which could allow Arsenal to recall him.By all accounts he played well for Bolton against Wolves.

And the Daily Mail say we've won't be signing the QPR 15-year-old Raheem Sterling who is going to Liverpool after a call from Kenny Dalglish.

And that's your lot.

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