Sunday, 20 June 2010

The total number of Arsenal scouts at World Cup - One

It's been noticeable by its absence so far. A World Cup where hardly any of those playing in it have been heavily linked with a move to Arsenal.

Of course one good game or tournament does not make a player.

But you might well have expected us to be scouting a few of the lesser-known players whilst a month of football is underway in South Africa.

It appears however that the only football representative, outside the playing staff, at the championships if our manager Arsene Wenger.

He is combining his media work - why don't any of the British broadcasters sign him up? - with that as our chief scout.

All the other scouts - there are around 80 in total including academy and part time scouts - have been given the summer off.

Now you may well think this is absurd. Why wouldn't Arsenal send at lease a handful of men to watch key players who fit what Arsene might want to bring in during this transfer window?

Well the answer it appears - courtesy of a Sunday Times article (not online) - is that we've already scouted every player at the tournament and have a report on each.

As we tend to monitor the 'productive tournaments' where we send two or three scouts to the likes of the South American under-17s where it is possible to watch the rising stars of the future before many of the other European clubs.

A senior scout tells the newspaper:

"We are not going to sign a player on the basis of the World Cup.
"One, it would mean we hadn't done our homework properly through the year. Two, his cost would go up if he had a good tournament. It's the wrong time to do it."
This world cup, unlike those before, have the benefit of allowing clubs to use detailed Prozone style performance statistics on individual players.

Arsenal do not expect to recruit on the basis of the World Cup though, with their targets known way ahead of the tournament.

So that is why little speculation has been made of Arsenal’s moments in the transfer market whilst the championship is going on.

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