Monday, 14 June 2010

Why Arsene will have the final say when it comes to Cesc

Barcelona don't take a hint easily do they? It certainly seems they don't when it comes to Cesc Fabregas and his future.

Arsenal have made it perfectly clear they have no intention of selling their captain. Yet Barcelona keeping up their pursuit of our midfielder.

It has become clear that Arsene Wenger sees Fabregas' future in north London.

He said:
“I don’t need to talk about Cesc. He has a deal with Arsenal and we don’t want to sell him.
“I’ve spoken with Fabregas many times – as with all the players in the World Cup – but never about his future.”
It is clear that Wenger and Fabregas had a conversation at the end of the season.

However no one knows exactly what was said in their private meeting, which neither party have spoken about publicly.

The media seem to think Fabregas asked Wenger for his permission to leave.

However I am not sure our captain would make such a demand.

I would imagine next season would be discussed. What happened to our team during the closing stages of the campaign. Why we only finished third in the league when it seemed possible to win it. And how Wenger intends to improve the side over the summer.

Cesc has described the conversation as one of the greatest of his life.

I do not for one minute think he made demands of the manager. We know Cesc is a winner. He was an excellent leader on the pitch last season, picking the team up when they were going though difficult patches and needed someone to pull them over the line.

Wenger would have told Fabregas how it is. But I expect he said he was disappointed like his captain was.

He would however know that this summer would be different for the club.

With much of the money tied up in the stadium cleared, the balance sheet would look a lot healthier and he would be able to remould much of his defence, with the majority of our central defence out of contract.

I expect further signings after the World Cup.

Fabregas has been told to go and enjoy the world cup. His future will be decided by Wenger, one way or another after the competition.

If Barcelona offer an exceptional transfer fee, in the region of what Real Madrid paid for Cristiano Ronaldo, I would expect Fabregas to leave. Anything less and he'll be at Arsenal next season.

Fabregas has too much respect of both Wenger and Arsenal to demand a transfer. He will be a model professional and never give less than 100% for any team he plays for.

But the one person who will decide whether Cesc Fabregas will be at Arsenal next season will be his mentor Arsenal Wenger and no one else.

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