Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Arsene Wenger's post match interview - SC Neusiedl 1919

After the SC Neusiedl 1919 game on Tuesday night, Arsene Wenger spoke to Arsenal TV Online.

Below is a transcript of the interview.

Q: How please were you with the workout tonight?

A: I am pleased because they gave absolutely everything and I was impressed by the fact they never dropped physically. And as well by our collective spirit, we played well you could see that the way we play football is respected and overall it was a very entertaining game.

Q: Three pre-season games, three wins. What has pleased you most?

A: That no matter who plays everybody respects the football and enjoys the game that we play with a good spirit and as well that the young players they have come in who have joined us are doing extremely well. And it shows that the work we do with the young players is very positive and very good.

Q: How good was it for Chamakh to get his first goal for the club?

A: It is always a physiological barrier you know that when you come to the club as a striker that you score goals so he took the penalty and I was pleased that he scored. And I was scared that if he missed it would put too much pressure on you. Overall it was a very positive game.

Q: And you shared the goalkeeping duties again tonight, what's the latest you can tell us on that situation?

A: Nothing. That all the four goalkeepers played in the camp. We brought four goalkeepers who worked very hard so I gave them all at least each a half and that's good you know. They've all done well.

Q: Are you looking to add a goalkeeper or indeed any other position?

A: Well at the moment we are always open eyed. We look, we work hard. But I believe what is important is that we are focused on the qualities we have and do not worry to much. I think it's important to continue to develop the qualities we have started since the beginning of the season and if the opportunities comes we will take it.

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