Saturday, 10 July 2010

The Arsenal Paper Round: Saturday July 10, 2010

One name dominates Arsenal related coverage this morning... Cesc Fabregas.

Mainly the focus is on tomorrow's World Cup final. 

He writes in his Sun column about the feeling of getting to the final and how it is strange that the rest of the Arsenal first team are back in pre-season training, while he and Robin Van Persie are still at the tournament.

There is no mention whatsoever about his future and nor would you expect there to be.

After all Fabregas is a class act. He knows not to endanger what he has with Arsenal and us fans.

And Barcelona cannot afford to pay us what would be required to even think about letting our captain leave.

I will warn you now. Next week is going to be tough for every Arsenal fan. The World Cup will be over an Cesc will be asked about his future.

He won't have the tournament to hide behind. So I hope he has come up with a few words which will clear his position up.

I personally believe he will stay at Arsenal. And he will continue to remain at the club as long as Barcelona cannot afford to pay us a transfer fee which deserves Fabregas' signature.

He is club captain and very proud of that fact. He may have Barcelona DNA but Arsenal is firmly in his blood. He's grown into a man at our club and Wenger is the person who has developed him into the player he is.

And I don't think Fabregas will ever forget what we have done for him. If we hadn't offered him the chance, who knows where he would be today. 

Granted he would still be a good player, but would he have had the first time opportunities to develop as he has done at Arsenal?

He has unfinished business at Arsenal. He wants to win the league and/or champions league with us. And lets not forget, at just 23-years-old he has the majority of his career ahead of him.

And with just one full season as captain, a great honour for him to take the armband following in the footsteps of greats like Henry, Vieira and Adams, wouldn't it be better to leave on a high?

Anyway, that's all for next week. I'm sure we've got a few painful weeks until this saga is over.

Returning to Fabregas' column. He talks about the text messages he's shared with Robin:
"I have been texting him and we realised the only way we could face each other here was in the World Cup final. We joked about it after the early games and it is fantastic that it has now actually happened.
"It is great for us and it is great for Arsenal to have two players at the World Cup final.
"It is a little strange too ... Arsenal are back in training getting ready for the new season and we are out here still finishing the last season.
"I know where I prefer to be and I'm sure that goes for Robin, too. He's a great player and very dangerous."
Someone who has been speaking about Fabregas' future is his Spain team-mate Xavi.

"I am not sure if Cesc will move this summer although I know he wants to. Arsenal cannot keep hold of him for more than another 12 months.
"His heart and his head is in Barcelona and it would make sense for them to sell him now.
"They could then use the money on a player, or players, who want to be at the club long term, rather than keep a player whose heart is somewhere else, no matter how good he is.
"Cesc only knows success with Spain, and that is not right for one of the best central midfield players in the world.
"Major tournaments only come around every two years and Cesc is a player who should be winning things domestically season after season."
It is great that this mouthpiece has always got something to say about something that has nothing to do with him.

Arsenal can hold Fabregas to his five year contact. No one forced the player to sign it. And why should Arsenal listen to his advice - why does Xavi believe it makes any sense to sell Fabregas now?

In fact, if Barcelona can't afford to match our valuation of the player, it makes perfect sense for them to wait another year before they come back to us with the required money.

Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself because we have no intention of entering into negotiations despite Barcelona's position.

And even if Barcelona president Sandro Rosell and vice-president Josep Maria Bartomeu are planning a meeting with Arsene Wenger in South Africa today doesn't mean Wenger will turn up.

And anyway, they'll have to negotiate with Ivan Gazidis.

And as our statement makes clear, we are not prepared to enter discussions over the player.

A quick transfer round-up and I mean quick.

The Daily Mail report that Blackpool are interested in signing full back Kerrea Gilbert who left Arsenal this summer.

Whilst the Times suggest that Panathinaikos have tabled a fresh offer to William Gallas worth £2 million a season.

Sky report that Bolton want Jack Wilshere on loan again for at least part of the new season.

If there is anything going on throughout the day - I doubt there will be - you'll find me talking about it on Twitter.

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