Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The Arsenal Paper Round: Tuesday July 20, 2010

Morning. I hope I find you in good shape today. A few things going on today.

I'll start with some non transfer news. The club has announced that from August 21, the first home league game of the season at the Grove against Blackpool, the stands within the stadium will have new names.

They've finally dropped the quadrant idea and the North Bank, Clock End, East Stand and West Stand will return.

Brilliant. I think it's an excellent idea and I'm glad the club have taken up supporter concerns about the stadium and are pushing through these changes.

They've also announced that a new clock will sit about the Clock End stand. Another good move. However, what will happen to the old clock which currently looks out over the south bridge?

The clock will be in place from the Emirates Cup on the last weekend of July.

Another interesting announcement yesterday was made in Switzland.  Liverpool have signed Joe Cole.

Now, I'll be honest with you. I didn't see that coming. When I heard he was going to Switzland on Sunday night to have a medical with the Merseysiders, I was slightly shocked.

They finished seventh last season in the league meaning no Champions League football this season and have no money.

Yet they've been able to put together a four year deal worth £90k a week to the player.

I read we offered him only a two year deal rumoured to be £80,000 per week.

I can only assume that we offered him that contract so we don't halt the development of Jack Wilshere.

Anyway, he's not gone to the north west for the football. He's gone for the money. That is plain for all to see.

Eduardo da Silva is close to completing a £6 million move to Shakhtar Donetsk after undergoing a medical yesterday at Arsenal's training ground carried out by medical staff of the Ukrainian club.

Barcelona president Sandro Rosell seem to think he's got an appointment with Arsene Wenger and Ivan Gazidis to talk about the Cesc Fabregas transfer.

Funny that both of them have flown to Austria for Arsenal's pre-season training camp yesterday.  

And his manager Pep Guardiola has been talking about signing Cesc or not.

"I think getting Cesc will cost a lot. 

"He is an important player for Arsenal. 

"We want him to come but if Arsenal don't want to negotiate, he won't."

He's hit the nail on the head. Cesc will cost a lot. More than the £42million your club are prepared to offer. He is an important player for Arsenal, he's our captain and talisman. And you're right, we don't want to negotiate so he won't be moving back to Barcelona until we're ready to sell him.

The Daily Mail scurrilously suggest that Cesc will think about making an official transfer request.

You can tell when a story is a load of rubbish. It doesn't have any direct attributed quotes, nor names it sources and the other big giveaway is this story has no byline.

If the paper stood by this they would have a staff byline attached to the piece because it has a journalist's reputation linked with it and also allows the piece to be pulled out and promoted when it comes true.

Goalkeeper spoke with the official site after the Barnet game and said he wants to stay at Arsenal this season and fight for a place in the match day squad rather than go out on loan again.

Good attitude to have, I like it.  However I can't help think that at 20-years-old he is still a bit too young to be Arsenal's number one.

One good loan spell at a League One club does not make him a Premier League keeper.

I think the original plan is worth sticking with. Send him to a Championship club this season and then next year he'll be ready for either a loan to a Premier League side or used more by Arsenal as our cup keeper.

Anyway, that's my opinion. Arsene Wenger may have other ideas.

Szczesny is in a fighting mood. He wants to be number one with Arsenal.

He said:
Wojciech Szczesny
"I want to fight for my place, whatever that means.

"I don't want to give up my place at Arsenal to go on loan. I went on loan last year, I have proved that I can do a job for Arsenal and now I want to see if I can really do it.

"If I get a chance to prove myself as an Arsenal No 1 then I will take my chances but I just want to get as many chances as I can and show everyone what I am made of.

"I think everybody has got the same target for the pre-season and that is get your place in the team and that is exactly what I am doing."

A couple of quick transfer stories.

A line in this story by Matt Law from the Express suggests we're going to make another bid for Everton defender Phil Jagielka.

This is backed up by a tweet by the BBC's Phil McNulty who suggest our bid for Jagielka took place a number of weeks ago.

However there is obviously room within the Arsenal squad for another defender.

The Sun say Panathinaikos to meet with William Gallas to offer him a £25k a week contract plus a signing on fee of around £1million.

The story doesn't say how long the contact is for. It adds the player has also got offers from Juventus, Hamburg and PSG. 

Now some quick sums tell me that this contract over a year is worth £2.3m, reduced to £1.3m in the second year.

Arsenal are offering a one year deal worth £80k, so we're led to believe. That works out at £4.1m over a year.

Anyway, I'm not William Gallas' agent, so won't tell him where he should play.

The Sun also report that Sol Campbell will move to Sunderland based on something 'a guest' said at his wedding on Saturday. Which other paper would quote 'a guest'? Not even the Daily Star stoops that low.

Anyway, that's about it for this morning. Any sort of updates throughout the day on Twitter.

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