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The Arsenal Paper Round: Wednesday July 7, 2010

So we'll start this morning by congratulating Robin Van Persie and Holland for reaching the World Cup final.

It's great that after an injury hit season he's managed to play in all his country's games on route to Sunday's big game.

All-be-it, he's only scored one goal. But he's been the one pulling defenders out of position and leading the line.

It was ex-Arsenal man Gio van Bronckhorst who opened the scoring for the Dutch. Ex-Manchester United striker Diego Forlan who replied prior to half time.

I gave up at around 60 minutes in. I couldn't watch any longer whilst listening to Clive Tyldesley commentate the whole game alone after Jim Beglin pulled out ill prior to kick off. It surprised me that ITV didn't have a back up plan.

This evening Cesc Fabregas' Spain take on Germany for a place in the final.

It is hard to know whether he's fit or will start.

Confusing because yesterday lunchtime
BBC Radio 5 live reported in their sports bulletin that Fabregas was injured in training.

Then later in the day
BBC Online say he should be fit.

the Guardian say Fernando Torres will keep his place in the side because of Fabregas' shin injury.

So we'll wait until 6.30pm to find out who is in the team.

Now on to the who-ha regarding Fabregas' future and yet again I'm annoyed with Barcelona.

The new president has accused Arsenal of putting 'a lot of expectations' on Cesc moving to Barcelona.

Forgive me, but I think Sandro Rosell has been having a few too many glasses of Spanish beer.

It is you, your predecessor and your club in general who have created too much expectation in the mind of Fabregas.

Cesc should be under no illusion as to where Arsenal stand. We have made our intensions clear. We don't want to sell, nor should we be bullied into.

It is Barcelona after all that has creating this expectation. They have been the ones who have so publicly courted our captain.

Rosell said:
"We will never pay €50 or €60m for Cesc.

"This [proposed transfer] has been broadcast here, there and everywhere, and that's the worst thing that could have happened.

"The Cesc situation is very complicated because a lot of expectations have been generated on the part of the seller, and that's not good for Barça.

"There are things you cannot say until a deal is closed, otherwise you pay a premium. But everyone knows he wants to come here and that we want to have him back.
"The whole world knows he wants to come and that we want to sign him.  
"It's a topic that has become so public and that's the worst thing you can do with a transfer, because it makes the selling club raise their expectations and you end up paying over the odds."
The problem Barca have is that (A) they don't have the money required to make Arsenal do business; (B) They don't need Fabregas this season; and (C) Arsenal aren't prepared to sell.

In the Daily Mail, Martin Samuel has his take on the situation.
Barcelona are once again proving to be more than a club. Right now, for instance, they are more a giant financial black hole and in such trouble they need to sell players to ease what Sandro Rosell, the new president, called a short-term liquidity problem.

Translation: they're skint. No wonder Barcelona's directors are so opposed to the collective agreement Premier League clubs in England reach on broadcast rights.

If Barcelona were required to share their individually negotiated bounty with the other clubs in La Liga they would have fallen into the sea long ago.

Rosell was forced to make his announcement concerning the parlous state of the finances on radio, admitting that Dmytro Chygrynskiy had been sold back to Shakhtar Donetsk in Ukraine at a £10million loss just to ease the crisis.

This from a club who have already cashed in on Yaya Toure to Manchester City for £24m (and doesn't that look another shrewd bit of business at Eastlands in the light of these revelations).

It would appear the previous administration overspent and now Rosell's administration is stuck with the bill. We know the feeling.

Things are so desperate that Rosell can barely afford the first-class fare to tap up Cesc Fabregas in the hope of forcing Arsenal to sell an unhappy player on the cheap.

'The Cesc situation is public knowledge so I'll try to talk to him when I go to South Africa,' said Rosell.

'Everyone knows he wants to come here and we want him back, but there are some things you cannot say until a deal is closed or you pay a premium. We will not pay £40m or £50m for Cesc.'

That should be no deal then. The arrogance of Barcelona is such, however, that, even without the money and a good £20m short of Arsenal's asking price, the president is still angling to open negotiations with a contracted player.

And this from a club whose much-vaunted morality is used to beat up our Premier League on an almost weekly basis? This is the business model to which we should aspire? These are the people who presume to lecture on ethics? Welcome to the Potless Millionaires Club, Barcelona. Now shut up.
The Daily Star say we're looking at signing German playmaker Mesut Ozil for £20m. He has a year left on his contract with Werder Bremen.

Can't see it happening myself. We have too many players of his type already at the club. But you never know. Arsene has a thing for gifted attacking players.

Daily Mail has linked us with Stuttgart defender Serdar Tasci in a £10m deal.
Whilst The Guardian say we are awaiting international clearance before the signing of Laurent Koscielny will be announced. I have a feeling that might be today.

And that's it. If there is anything to be talking about, you'll find me doing so on

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