Thursday, 22 July 2010

Arsene Wenger post match Sturm Graz interview transcript

Arsene Wenger spoke to Arsenal TV Online after the victory with Sturm Graz last night.

Here is a transcript of his interview with editor Richard Clark.

Q: It's a good pre-season so far?

A: Yes, I believe we've got a good team dynamic with maybe nobody standing completely out yet but everyone contributing well to the team play and everybody knows how we want to play and overall we mastered well the game today and have made a good demonstration of our game and gained some confidence from the last two games.

Q: Samir Nasri looked classy?

A: He's in a good shape already and physically ready, you could see that he was not at the World Cup unfortunately for France but he's in a good shape and full of confidence and he's doing well yes.

Q: Is there an advantage for players like Nasri and Walcott who did not go to the World Cup because they are fresher?

A: Well (they are) highly motivated because they recovered well from the disappointment and the best way, the best answer is always to show how hungry you are on the pitch. Physically it is an advantage and mentally because when you play the World Cup final on July 11 it is difficult to come back with the complete recovery before the end of August. So on that front it is an advantage.

Q: Your thoughts on Eduardo's departure?

A: It is sad to see him leave because it reminds us all how badly he has been injured and as well sad because he is an outstanding player who leaves us. But he's at 28 now and he needs to play. He has a good opportunity to play and up front we have plenty of players so I believe it is good for his future.

Q: Will you replace Eduardo?

A: Well don't forget that we still (have) Van Persie to come back. Bendtner to come back. We have Chamakh.  It's on the market - a centre forward - I don't think I will go.

Q: What are the injuries which Bendtner and Denilson have?

A: They don't look big but at the moment they cannot of course fulfill full training sessions. They will be one week behind all the rest. The other players stayed at home at the training camp here in Austria because they are not completely ready to play a game. They should take part in the next game.

Q: Bendtner is a groin and Denilson has a...

A: A groin as well.

Q: Any news on that defensive signing you have talked about making?

A: No news at the moment. We are working because number wise we are still short and the situation with Sol Campbell is still open and for the rest we are still looking.

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