Tuesday, 6 July 2010

It's time for Arsenal to play hard ball with Barcelona over Fabregas

This morning I'm annoyed. I'm angry with the nerve of Barcelona.  It seems like they have been sneaking around behind our backs in their attempts to sign our captain.

You see their coach Pep Guardiola has been round Spain's world cup training base and has apparently told Cesc that they'll make sure Arsenal deal with them over his transfer back to La Liga.

Their president even has the cheek to head to the world cup for Spain's semi final with Germany and expect to meet up with Arsene Wenger to do the deal.

Like Arsene has the time or inclination to talk with these jokers.

You know what. I think actions speak louder than words in this case. Cold hard cash. That's the way we might be persuaded to do business with you Mr Barcelona President.

And not a derisory offer of £30million for a player who is only 23-years-old and has five years remaining on his contract.

Double that offer and we'll give it some thought before telling you that we don't need your money.

I know this is what we should expect a club like Barcelona to do. After all we've seen it all before with Theirry Henry and his drawn out move to Catalonia.

But for Guardiola to fill Fabregas' head with false hope is a step too far over the line.

I think it is time we brought out the yellow card. No, scrap that. The red card.

This is one of the most blatant attempts to tap up a player that I have ever seen.

It's time to call in UEFA.

There is no other option. We've told Barcelona that we're not prepared to enter negations for the sale of our player.

They should accept our word and move on.

Now I know that UEFA are toothless and I don't have much time for their president.  But it is about time someone stepped up and said that this cannot be allowed to go on for any longer.

I think Arsenal need to show that they won't be bullied and are prepared to step up with what they said in their statement.

It is quite obvious that Barcelona have failed to keep their word and are publicly and privately courting our captain.

Now it's Arsenal's turn to step up and show these bullies that we're not to be messed with.

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