Saturday, 28 August 2010

Alan Hansen describes Theo Walcott as "sensational". Is someone eating humble pie?

I think someone's been forced to eat a large slice of humble pie today.

After being so critical in the performance of Arsenal's 21-year-old winger after his hattrick against Blackpool last weekend, the BBC pundit has made a dramatic u-turn after Walcott's excellent showing at Blackburn today.

He was asked to give his opinion on Walcott during BBC Radio 5 Live's Sports Report programme this evening:
"There is no doubt about it, Theo is an exciting talent, he's got pace to burn. Some people would say I would struggle to play against him and that would be right, I would have hated to play against him.
"He was sensational last week and he was excellent today. As I say, he's got four goals already this season. The way to answer your critics if you've got any, is not verbally but by doing it on the pitch and he certainly did that today."

The Scottish pundit was then asked: "Do you detect a maturing in his play?"
"A lot of people say, again quite rightly, that he's only 21 and when I was 21-years-of-age I was still at Partick and he's playing in the Premiership, the toughest league in the world.
"He's playing under a great manager that will coach him. I think without a shadow of a doubt he is stronger this season than he was last, we've seen that already. So there is exciting times ahead for Theo Walcott.
"Theo Walcott is going to be a star, he is a star already. What I said last week on Match of The Day, I didn't want to be detrimental or too negative about Theo but I just pointed out where his weaknesses were and everybody's got weaknesses and I think that if he improves on these weaknesses then he will be a star in the Premiership."
Now we all know that Theo is not the finished article yet. But his performances against Blackpool last weekend  and Blackburn today are certainly a step in the right direction.

It is clear to see he's got the bit between his teeth and is determined to push on this season.

Good luck to him. I think all Gooners want to see him do well and turn into a World Class player at our club.

It will be interesting to see if Hansen is so open in what he has to say about Theo on Match of The Day tonight. We'll wait and see.

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  1. heheheh sickened! Hopefully Theo will continue his good run after the international break.

  2. No.Hansen is telling the truth.Remember for the game at Anfield Wenger preferred that clown Eboue in front of Walcott.