Monday, 2 August 2010

The Arsenal Paper Round: Monday August 2, 2010

Morning Gooners.

After our victory in the Emirates Cup yesterday, Arsene Wenger spoke with the media and a few interesting lines came out.

The media were keen to talk about Jack Wilshere. Any young English player who has a few good games will be hyped to high heaven. But I think we all know in Wenger, Jack has got a manager who will keep his feet on the ground.

Jack has had a good two days that's clear for anyone to see. If he can continue that form over the season remains to be seen. But I'm sure Arsene will sprinkle Jack with a good few substitute performances over the next few weeks and who knows?

He's got some big and experienced internationals ahead of him. But as we've always seen at Arsenal. It doesn't matter how old you are or where you come from, if you are good enough you'll be picked.

Afterwards Arsene said:
"At 18 years of age you can have patience with a player, but I believe Wilshere is stronger than last year.

"The few months he played at Bolton has definitely given him something. He will be used by us [next season] for sure.

"For [Euro] 2012, he will be 20, that is a good age, so he cannot be ruled out for England."
Asked if it was too early for Capello to pick Wilshere, Wenger replied:
"No, you must deal with that with all good footballers. Theo [Walcott] was in the squad for the 2006 World Cup and it didn't kill him."
Wenger doesn't mind if Wilshere is called up. At this stage in his career he won't be starting regularly for Arsenal unless he makes a case for his inclusion. So a few games for England wouldn' do him any harm.

One person who could do with listening to Wenger's advice is a Barcelona player who obviously didn't read the memo we produced on Saturday.

Lionel Messi has again been speaking about Cesc, unaware of the Wenger memo sent to the Nou Camp on Saturday which yet again reaffirmed our position to keep Cesc.
"I hope that the matter can be resolved soon and I'm confident that in the end it will be resolved in the way that Cesc can be a Barcelona player."
Not this season he won't be. Unless something changes majorly. And Johan Djourou has fired our own missile towards Spain and told Cesc it is vital that he stays at the Grove this season.
"We all know that Fabregas is an important player for us. He is a great player.
"It is vital that he stays with us so we can keep the team together because that's the most important thing - that we keep all the players.
"We need him. It's his decision and we can't do anything about it but I hope he stays."
Fabregas is due back in training on Thursday and for the first team squad official photo-call.

I gut feeling - I have no inside knowledge - is that Cesc and Robin won't train at the Grove on Thursday. When the players go back the first thing they normally do is fitness tests, so perhaps they'll do that at Colney and come to the ground for the photo call, when the fans have left.

As I said, just a gut feeling. I hope like last year Arsenal TV Online will be streaming the day's events.

One player who we haven't seen a lot of - mainly down to his injury - is Aaron Ramsey.

Arsene said in his press conference on Saturday that Ramsey could be back and with a chance of playing by November. But that was an early estimate on his return. Arsene was keen to reinforce was that little was to be expected if he didn't make that date.
"He has started to have a little, little jog last week.

"He will be back of course but at the moment, when you start to run, it is still about three months. Short term, he will not be available but he will be this season

"Now we have to count three months. If he is back in the November, he has done well."
A couple of transfer rumours to keep you going.

Cristian Zapata is again being linked with a move to north London.

Arsene has not ruled out a move for the Germany defender Per Mertesacker.

He said:
"I do not like to speak about players by name but I definitely want at least one defender."
And the Daily Mail say Mesut Ozil expects to see out the final year of his contract with Werder Bremen.

That way we can get him on a free transfer next season.  Wenger's favourite type of transfer.

And that's it for today. If there is anything interesting going on, find me talking about it on Twitter.

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