Saturday, 14 August 2010

Arsene Wenger signs contract extension with Arsenal

So it was a quick and easy decision. Arsene Wenger thought about it for a tenth of a second and then signed on the dotted line.

This is of course the news that our great manager Arsene Wenger has signed a three year contract extension with the club.

It was a no brainer really. He has everything he wants in a job at Arsenal.

There is no interference from a rich owner, bequeathing him players and demanding he plays a certain star.

At Arsenal, Arsene is number one.

He is the longest serving manager in the club's history and most successful.

I for one am glad he's decided to stay. We are stronger with him than without him.

Speaking of his decision, the manager said:
"My heart belongs to Arsenal and my desire is to see this team win silverware.
"My commitment and drive are as strong and fresh as ever.  Signing a new deal means that I can see this talented group of players reach their potential.  Trust me, they are ready to deliver.
"With my staff and players we are in front of an exciting challenge and we are looking forward to achieving much success."
The chairman Peter Hill-Wood added: 
"We are thrilled that Arsène has signed an extension to his contract. He has masterfully transformed this football club over the last 14 years and the exciting and compelling football we play under his stewardship is admired the world over.
"Arsène is a very talented man and we believe the young, exciting team he has nurtured over the past five years will reward his and the fans' patience with silverware."

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