Saturday, 28 August 2010

Blackburn v Arsenal: Arsene Wenger's post match reaction

Arsene Wenger spoke with the media after Arsenal's 2-1 victory at Ewood Park over Blackburn.

On the game:
"We had a good start but in my opinion we were too nervous dealing with the game of Blackburn. Who would not be unsettled by the kind of game Blackburn gave us today? 
"Last year we had bad memories here and because we knew they would play the kind of game we don't like we had not enough confidence to deal with that.
"In the second half I felt we were calmer. We put the ball well on the ground and controlled it better and it was just a question of time. We had the right resilience and commitment."
What the win means:
"If you have ambition in this league you have got to win at Blackburn.
"If you fail to win at Blackburn - if you go to clubs like that and you don't win - your ambition will not be respected by the other teams so it was an important test for us.
"The players are committed and we had that little bit more experience today, even if on just one or two occasions we were a bit lucky."
On the transfer window:
"At the moment it's all dead. For us the transfer period is already over."

On drawing Tottenham in the Carling Cup:
"It's exciting. We always play our young team in the Carling Cup. It will be interesting and a good experience for them. We have some very good young players."
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