Monday, 30 August 2010

CCTV images of Jack Wilshere's arrest; Wenger on transfers; Walcott & Gibbs England call; Traore in Juve link up?

Morning Gooners,

There is one story dominating the newspapers today, that of the arrest of Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere. He was involved in an incident outside a London nightclub in which he is said to have acted as a peacemaker after trouble broke out between his friends and another group of men.

A woman was also involved and she was left with a broken arm, believed to have been from a fall rather than the fight.

Wilshere, who doesn't drink alcohol, was leaving the club with three friends when the trouble started according to the Daily Mail. The incident happened on the doorsteps of the newspaper's offices in Kensington.

Images were captured on the CCTV cameras, which the Mail have used on their website and in their newspaper. You can see the images here and here.

Even though Jack acted as a peacemaker he was still arrested. I would imagine this is because the police didn't know who was involved in the fight and it was easier to arrest everyone and then establish the facts.

Jack is on England under 21s duty for the next ten days and was released on bail.

Wilshere's spokesman said:
"The police have made it very clear that he is an important witness to the incident and played the role of peacemaker and is unlikely to face any charges as a result."
On to more pleasant Arsenal related news, and Arsene Wenger has said he may still have some business to do in the transfer window, which shuts at 6pm tomorrow.

If Arsene is going to be making a move for anyone you've got to think it will be getting underway today. It's not as if you can get someone to fly across Europe within a moment's notice.

After the Blackburn game the manager said:
"It is dead at the moment. But maybe not finished.
"At the moment I would say, as it is today, it is finished."
Maybe if your target is Mark Schwarzer something might happen. No further news on his possible arrival this morning.

Elsewhere Theo Walcott and Kieran Gibbs have been named in Fabio Capello's latest England squad.

The manager was asked after the Blackburn game about what's made Theo Walcott a different player this season.
"He had a good pre-season, he is sharp and I am certain he will get a chance now with England. So let's hope he will be ready.
"He is equipped, he is stronger and I think he is calmer in front of goal."
I think most people will agree that we've seen a much improved Theo this season and I'm pleased for that. His extra training sessions working on free kicks and crossing will only help him. Last season he wasn't putting the extra practice time in. This season he is and you can see what a difference it is having on him.

I know it is early in the season, but the majority of players from Blackpool and Blackburn weren't at the World Cup, so it shows in someways he is an improved player.

Like most people I want to see how he'll perform against the big clubs before I start going overboard. He's done well so far, lets hope this vein of form continues.

Arsene Wenger talks Cesc Fabregas in The Guardian:
"He didn't know he would be coming off before the end, but that was his first appearance since the World Cup final.
"As long as we look after him I don't think there will be any problems in getting him back to the player he was before.
"I don't think he is the type to give anything less than his best, just because he didn't get a move. He may have wanted to join Barcelona but he loves Arsenal as well, and that's why he made his decision.
"I am happy because you always want to keep your best players and it was vital for us to keep Cesc. There is a trust and confidence on both sides. He has given enough to the club and the club has given a lot to him in return."
And a bit of transfer news this morning. Armand Traore could be looking at a move to Italy with Juventus keen, according to The Sun.

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  1. that first cctv shows jack throwing a punch not acting as peacekeeper

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  3. @amorris444..

    thats exactly what I thought.. it looks like Wilshire throwing the punch and the other guy trying to hold him back!

  4. well maybe it looks like that to you but NO. Myself I have had a brush or two with late nights and asshole friends. Jack is between the two talking. His friend comes over Jacks shoulder and rocks the fellow. ( Jack's friend is a huge pussy, never even takes a shot till the guys attention is on Jack." I do not think this was planned at all I have asshole friends also and have seen similar outcomes. Jack's friend is not holding him back but off balance from a windmill punch he just threw. Cheap shot but no blame on Jack!