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Fanshare, Given gets Arsenal go-ahead? Wilshere to fight, Traore to leave

Morning Gooners.

Well the main news this morning doesn't involve matters on the pitch but off it. Arsenal has launched it very own fanshare scheme, which will allow genuine supporters like you and me to own a piece of the club.

So for as little as £10 a month, in 19 years or so you'll be able to own one full Arsenal share. But the beauty of the scheme is that whilst you are building up to your full Arsenal share you'll have what is known as an Fanshare, 1/100 of a full share which will be brought through this scheme by the Arsenal Supporters Trust, you will get full shareholder's rights: the chance to attend the annual general meeting, ask questions of the directors and vote on policy.

I probably haven't explained it very well. Check out this piece in The Guardian or head over to the Arsenal Fanshare Website.

Speaking on the launch of this scheme, chief executive Ivan Gazidis said:
"We believe it is fundamentally helpful to the club to have supporters who are active and engaged. 
"The important thing is that supporters are valued and nurtured, not exploited. That is good for the club's soul, and for its all-round health."
The supporters' trust spokesman Tim Payton, said: 
"It is hugely significant that all the major Arsenal shareholders have given their support and that suggests talk of a takeover can be put to one side."
I'm planning on joining and hope you will to. I think its important that we as Arsenal fans have our say in how our club is run. Well done to the Arsenal Supporters Trust for negotiating this deal with the club.

On to matters on the pitch and yesterday saw a further development in our search for a new goalkeeper.

Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini has put the ball in Shay Given's court on whether he wants to stay at Eastlands.

"I hope he can stay. But I respect his decision if he wants to leave."
Whether that means the Ireland international will be allowed to decide his destination is anyone's guess. But I suppose it does offer us a glimmer of hope.

I still see the Schwarzer deal as a more likely one though. No news on his arrival yet despite the rumour mill cranking up a gear yesterday when someone on Twitter said the Australian had been seen at London Colney.

Apparently there is no truth in that gossip.

One man keen on winning the backing of all Gooners is Lukasz Fabianski.

He's been talking very open and honestly with the official site. The interview is part of the Spotlight feature and will be played out in full at 8pm on Friday on Arsenal TV Online.
"As a player you have to prove you deserve a chance. 
"I can understand every single shout against me and it can only motivate me to play better and work harder. 
"But of course I am going to do everything in my power to show that I deserve to be respected. Then maybe they [the Arsenal fans] will start singing my name - that would be wonderful."
So far his Arsenal career hasn't been a bed of roses. He's going to have to work hard to regain the faith of the Arsenal support and reading what he's said, I think he has the right attitude.

Perhaps what might help him most is a spell away from the club on loan as a first choice keeper for a season. That would help him deal with the pressure of playing week in week out. But the other thing he needs to get over is the expectation put on a first choice keeper at a club such as Arsenal.

I think it's all very well going to a club further down the league on loan, but you won't have the same level of weight on your shoulders as you would do at Arsenal. Remember at our club every match is a must win game at our club. You couldn't say the expectation at somewhere like Bolton or Wigan is that they'd win every game.

One person who looks like he might be ready to fight for a place in the first team rather leave for another loan spell is Jack Wilshere.

He had a difficult debut at Anfield. I thought he was bright and positive in his play, but his inexperience let him down and he faded as the match went on.

The manager, along with all us Gooners, have great hopes for him. Arsene Wenger says though he will need to fight for his place.

"Jack is ready to fight for his place at Arsenal.
"That is linked with the fact that you [reporters] ask me if I want to win the title and yet you want as well an 18-year-old player to play in the team. 
"It is not contradictory because Jack is an exceptional talent but you have to combine both experience and potential to win the league.
"You have to accept as well we are in a country where it is difficult [to play a young player so regularly]."
And I think this is the crux of the issue. Jack will play more for Arsenal as the season progresses if he keeps himself fit and in form. But I don't think we can expect to see him start more than a handful of games in the Premier League. But gradually that will increase and he should be fighting hard for a starting spot within the next two years.

One piece of transfer news for you. It looks like Armand Traore could be leaving the club and making a move to Portugal.

The Daily Mirror report the Frenchman could leave on loan with a view to the Portuguese signing him on a permanent deal for £1.5million with a sell on clause.

Would probably make sense for him to go. He's not going to get any sort of run of games for Arsenal this season being third in the pecking order behind Gael Clichy and Kieran Gibbs.

There is more news from the Daily Telegraph regarding the fitness of Johan Djourou. He could be in line for a return on Saturday to first team action against Blackpool. Boy do we need him.

And talking of boys, isn't it a shame they couldn't have done us all a favour and put Tottenham out of their misery last night instead of letting them suffer in pain for a week. Really though, 3-2 to Young Boys is a shocking result for our north London neighbours.

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