Sunday, 1 August 2010

It's time for Cesc to talk

The most interesting thing about yesterday - apart from seeing the new players face stiffer opposition than the teams they faced in Austria - was the manager's press conference.

Arsene basically called Cesc out. It is true that the only person who can now put this story to bed is Cesc himself.

You can tell he was interested in a move this summer by his absence in issuing an official denial via Every other time there has been even the slightest whiff of speculation linking him with a move away from north London he has been quick to react and kill the story.

Not this time however and his manager has been forced to answer the media's endless questions in the void left with Fabregas not speaking.

Now the manager has called on Cesc to end the speculation and commit his near future to the club.

Wenger said:
"In the last six months, this story has made our lives difficult. At the moment, what is important is that when Cesc comes back, that he comes out.
"For me, I have nothing more to add. The conversations with the players have to be private because I cannot come out every time I speak with a player."
He added:
"They [Barcelona] certainly have a case to answer [on allegations of tapping up], but it is always the same - how can you prove it?
"Puyol is responsible for his own statements, which is why I have said before, only Fabregas can clear the air when he comes back from holiday.
"I cannot master what is written in the newspapers, I can only master our decisions.
"Cesc has five years to go [on his contract] and that's it. The speculation does not stop - who can stop the speculation? Only Cesc, that is how I feel.
"We cannot go into a season where every day you read about that. He has not played today, we have just played a football game and I sit here speaking about Fabregas."
"Barcelona have given up for a long time. I told you yesterday that what will happen is that Fabregas will stay here."
Yet again the manager is defiant in his belief that Cesc will stay at Arsenal. Cesc's not scheduled to return to England until after this weekend's Emirates Cup for Arsenal's official photocall on August 5 which is also Members' Day at the Grove.

My feeling is he'll announce he's staying on on Wednesday night.

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