Monday, 23 August 2010

The reason for Theo Walcott's good form

I was told something interesting at the weekend. Theo Walcott's exclusion from the World Cup squad has made him realise he's not the best and he still needs to work hard to guarantee his place in the starting line ups for both Arsenal and England.

Prior to the summer the 21-year-old would leave London Colney after finishing training and having lunch like the rest of the squad.

This pre-season that has changed and Walcott is left behind at the end to train, practicing his free kicks and crossing.

And this extra work has showed and will only make him better.

I remember hearing the same said of Thierry Henry. He wanted to be the best, so after training he would stay on the practice pitches and continue to drill balls at the goal.

If Theo wants to be half the player his idol Henry was he'll have to do the same.

I posted on Twitter on Saturday this piece of news, now the player himself has spoken to The Sun about his extra work at the training ground.

He said: 

"I've had a very good pre-season, not just me but the whole team. We won all of our games and I had a nice little break mentally through the summer so I could think about things. It's just a case of pushing on now. 
"I want to play games every week now because this is a big season for me. 
"That's why I'm pretty much one of the last to leave the training pitch now. I will stay behind after training to practise crosses and set-pieces. 
"I know it's down to me so I just want to look after myself and I'm just raring to go now. I'm very happy."
Keep up the good work Theo. The extra practice is obviously working.

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