Saturday, 28 August 2010

What's up Pulis? Wenger is right about Stoke's rugby team tactics

Our old "friend" Tony Pulis has been moaning about what Arsene Wenger had to say about Stoke's tactics against Tottenham last weekend.

The Stoke manager accused our manager of being "out of order".

And he said Stoke have written an official letter of complaint to the Gunners and also sent copies to the Premier League and the Football Association.

Pulis' issue revolves around Arsene's comments about Stoke being a rugby rather than a football team. And he seems to have the bit between his teeth about Ryan Shawcross. Apparently Arsene said Shawcross was a monster. 

Shawcross is not unfamiliar with us Gooners, the perpetrator of a horror tackle left Aaron Ramsey with a sickening leg break - an injury the Wales midfielder is still recovering from.

Pulis said: 
"The club is desperately disappointed with the comments which Wenger has come out with, especially the comments about Shawcross. We think they are out of order and you don't expect it from a person of Wenger's esteem.
"The club will deal with it in the right and proper manner."
Pulis added: 
"To say he was doing it as a sidetrack to influence the referee, you've said it. I've just agreed with you.
"He's entitled to his opinion. We've fought two world wars to be a free country. We've all got different opinions and we must let people say what they say. Whether you agree with it or disagree with it, that's a different matter.
"What he said about Ryan was very, very poor and the football club will take that matter up."
There is nothing legally wrong with what Arsene Wenger has said. What's the FA or the Premier League going to do? He hasn't brought the game into disrepute, just stating what he believed Stoke's tactics were last weekend.

Now I don't believe that Ryan Shawcross was directly targeted by Wenger. That wasn't the impression I got from watching the press conference on Arsenal TV Online.

I can't see the FA or Premier League taking any action. Pulis has his own opinion of what should happen.

But we all remember what he set his team up to do against Arsenal and I hardly believe that was in the spirit of the game.

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  1. Stoke dont try to foul anyone, they are a fair team.

  2. For someone who isn't "that kind of player", Shawcross sure seems to put it about a bit. Probably a coincidence though, after all he isn't that kind of player, is he?

  3. boring zzzzzzzzzzzz Come on this is old news. Stoke play to their strengths and Arsenal try to play pure football, no team is going to sit and watch you play. If they do challange this style of play it is often within the rules of football and doesn't therefore make it rugby, after all Arsenal players use their hands more than any other team waiving their hands in the refs face trying to dismiss their opponents


    Dirty Blackburn!

    How is saying Shawcross kicked Gomes "opinion"? :S

  5. Stop wingeing Wenger!
    We've all had enough. Get over it!

  6. fucc Shawcross. He is still "playing" while Ramsey is still recovering from a broken leg. I hate Pulis and his shite comments more than I hated Mourinho

  7. More blinkered Arsenal comments I see.

    Mourinho was right - Wenger is a Voyeur. He's stopped watching Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea and now its Shawcross, Shawcross, Shawcross.

    The problem that Stoke have with Whinger is that he imagines events and then spouts them as the God gospel truth! Shawcross kicking Gomes as a classic example.

    Wonder how many of you rose-tinted Arsenal fans bothered to look at the Twitpic posted above?

  8. Agree or disagree with Arsene Wenger's comments, Ryan Shawcross is no angel. It is a fact he has been involved in three incidents which have left fellow professionals with broken limbs.

    Did he injure Gomes? I'm not so sure. What Wenger's comments did do was highlight an issue he was concerned Arsenal were going to face at Blackburn yesterday and make sure the referee - Chris Foy, who also was in charge of Stoke v Tottenham - knew that by making headlines in the press.

    Stoke play effective football which have kept them in the Premier League. Is it nice to watch? No, in my opinion.

    I would ask Stoke fans this: Would you rather play like Arsenal and win or continue as you are?

  9. Ashburton - who are those three individuals? Name them please.

    To answer your question, of course we want to see our team play fast attacking football. Who doesn't? I would however like to see it with British players.

    I really do despise the selective memory of Arsenal fans. Do you not remember the George Graham Era? The angelic Patrick Vieira? Even the want away Fabregas that raked studs down the back of Danny Pugh?

    The atmosphere at the Britannia is going to be loud and extremely hostile!

  10. Pete:

    Ryan Shawcross broke the leg of Aaron Ramsey and the ankle of Francis Jeffers ( The other one I was thinking of was the 'tackle' on Emmanuel Adebayor which left our striker out for weeks - happened off the pitch after the ball had gone (

    I don't think that any Arsenal fan would say our players are angelic, but we have "won" the fair play league for the 2010 season (, third in 2009 ( and have been less physical in recent years, maybe something us fans were rather we weren't.

    Vieira got his fair share of red cards it's true, but to my memory never broke a fellow professional's limb.

    I agree it's going to be loud at your place and I hope that makes for an excellent game.

  11. Ashburton, there in lies the half truths and rumours. Francis Jeffers did not suffer an ankle break (ligaments) nor did Adebayor. It is an Arsenal rumour that has spiralled to the point where it is believed by all.

    But hey, lets not be bothered with facts -

    We were also blamed for Theo's shoulder injury in the same match - it later transpired that he had done it in training and was 50/50 for the game.

    If you can face it, take a look at Wengers Hall of Shame -

    Yes, should be a very entertaining game :)

  12. P.s. What chance have we got if even our local rag cannot report the truth LOL :)

  13. Just think back a few years, under whinger you had more red cards (by a long way)than any other team. If we are so dirty how come your team has had a red card and stoke have none. I can understand whinger because he is french and us older enough to remember the cowards that we lost so many men for, thats why your team is full of whimps.

  14. Why mention Stoke at all this weekend they were playing Blackburn for gods sake.

  15. Fabregas' tackle on Pugh was worse than Shawcross' on Ramsey's. I was at the game, and Shawcross and Ramsey was a 50/50 ball, Bendtner pulled Shawcross' shirt which delayed him and thus caught Ramsey with the laces on his boot NOT STUDS. Watch youtube and you'll see this is the truth. Fabregas then went two studs up behind Pugh when you were 3-1 up and he didn't even get booked. You're dirty as well, but because you pass the ball sideways for 90 minutes you're seen as angels.

  16. ‎"The passion and commitment of the English game, you have to ask yourself if you want to take that out of the game here. When I watch a Serie A game i’m bored after five minutes, if you want totally clean football you’ll get bored." - Arsene Wenger in February 2002 just after Oleg Luzhny earned their eleventh red card in 37 matches that season...............HYPOCRITE!!

  17. Try looking at the video evidence of the Ramsey / Shawcross incident. It is clear that at the instant before collision Ramsey was jumping into the tackle with both feet off the ground and his arms outstretched. This was dangerous play by Ramsey.

  18. Well boo hoo, Wenger is crying and trying to influence a match Official yet again. He's just used Stoke because he knows that the media will join in with him because moste journalists seem to have the knives out for Stoke at every opportunity. It will be interesting to see what Wenger comes up with leading up to the game at the Britannia Stadium. As stated above your team hasn't always been the cleanest, remember Keown screaming at Van Nistlerooy? You just make yourselves look like big girls blouses with your constant tirade, which always seems to be aimed at Stoke City. You are a sheep sir and should stop bleating all the time.

  19. No matter what you think of Shawcross, at least he doesn't hit women (allegedly) eh Jackie boy!!

  20. Wilshite has been a bit of a naughty boy then, is this what that French whinger teaches his love child? On another issue where is the evidence that shawcross broke jeffers ankle? Get your facts right before you spout off your lies!