Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Why does it have to be Samir? Midfielder out for a month

Unexpected news reaches all Gooners this lunchtime that midfielder Samir Nasri is to undergo knee surgery today following an injury picked up at Anfield. say the Frenchman will be out of action for a month because of a meniscal injury.

If there was one player every Arsenal fan was looking forward to watching push on from an excellent pre-season it was Nasri.

He was our standout player and was forming a decent partnership with Marouane Chamakh.

It's so unfortunate, but this time last year he was recovering after having his leg broken in pre-season training by Abou Diaby.

I know I won't be the only one to wish him a speedy recovery.

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  1. Cant believe this l just hope Cesc will be back
    for Saturday game wish Samir a quick recovery.

  2. Why are our players made of glass! Please start to buy, big strong players again wenger! I'm fed up with tippy tappy play around the box with no end product. The players are too injury prone and we have won nothing since he has changed his policy and tried to follow spain's example. The difference is they have better players than arsenal, hence they can do it.

  3. What is wrong with Arsenal and all of these weak midgets always getting injured? Here we go, the question is who is next?

  4. Nasri is always injured this period of the season. It is expected and it's not a shock. This is the fasting month for all muslims. Last season Nasri was injured for a month this period. And this season again, out for a month. And conincidentally the fasting month ends.

  5. Here we go again. When is Hollands next friendly? That will be RVP out for the season. Djourou has his own personal treatment table, so thats a given. Denilson will disappear, with no news why from the Official site, for weeks or months even, Rosicky is due a few months off, Diaby will play ONE good game, then take his usual two month sabbatical, then of course we are due a lunatic assault on one of our remaining fit and in form players, so that will be a broken leg and career threatening injury. But of course the thug that does the damage will be "not that type of player". Depressing stuff, but STILL and always will be a GOONER