Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Spineless FA charge easy target Wenger, Cesc boost, Kids Cup

Morning Gooners.

Well yesterday afternoon we got the news we were expecting. The Football Association has charged Arsene Wenger with using "insulting and/or abusive language and behaviour amounting to improper conduct."

It was to be expected of course. This bunch of bureaucrats love to deal with the side issues rather than the things which actually matter in the game.

Arsene Wenger is an easy target of course. Why not punish a man who has touched a referee on the back and been sarcastic towards a match official rather than a player who has seriously injured another professional with a dangerous tackle?

They would rather take issue with the sub plot than what is actually seriously wrong with our game.

I'm not at all surprised this course of action has been taken. After all, there was no action whatsoever retrospectively against Paul Robinson for his tackle on Abou Diaby.

It just goes to show the inconsistency of English football's governing body decision making process is all about and what cases they do and don't take up.

As for the manager's punishment. He has to accept a one match touchline ban and an £8,000 fine or if he appeals and loses, a two match ban and a £12,000 fine. A decision by lunchtime would allow the manager to serve his ban tonight. By Thursday's deadline and it's West Brom at home he'll watch from the directors box.

As much as I'd like to see us challenge this phoney charge, the stakes are too high.  I think he'll chose the game at West Brom this weekend to watch from the stands.

On to what appears to be some better news. Cesc Fabregas could be back within two weeks after he announced his injury is not as serious as all us Gooners feared it could be.

The captain tweeted yesterday evening:
"Good news on my injury. I have some fluid but nothing bad in the muscle. I hope I can be playing in 2 weeks."
That would mean he could be back for the Chelsea game on October 3.

I think it would be a massive boost if he is back playing by the time we have to travel to Stamford Bridge. We really need him to be fit to that game especially.

Elsewhere Manuel Almunia has been speaking about how as a club we need to find a killer instinct. It is obvious to most that going into the final ten minutes of a game with a one goal lead is not enough for this team. We need a two goal cushion to be comfortable about our chances of victory.

The Spaniard told Arsenal TV Online: 
"In the last second of the game, it is a big kick against us, but this is football. 
"Last season we won some games in the last few minutes, and this can happen in every game. 
"Even though we were winning 1-0 with not much danger in our box, we needed to get another goal to make sure the three points would be for us. 
"I think we have to be more focused in the final few metres and have to have a killer instinct in front of goal." 
I don't think it was the defence which let us down on Saturday, more the attack. We didn't take our opportunities. If we can get the goals, the rest of our game falls into place. If we don't we are in trouble.

It's something I've always been concerned with. This Arsenal team don't seem able to get those early goals to steady the ship and then build on our numerical advantage. I hope that as the season goes on we can learn to do that.

There is a football match tonight, as I'm sure you're aware. Carling Cup sees us bring out the kids normally. I'm not too sure what to expect tonight in terms of the team. I'll preview the game in a post later today.

And finally, Ian Wright has ridden a charge to Arsene Wenger's defence in his column in The Sun today. He's backing the manager over comments Sam Allardyce made in his News of the World column last weekend. Makes a change to have Wrighty on our side for once.

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