Saturday, 25 September 2010

Wenger fails to blame Almunia for West Brom defeat

Arsene Wenger has not laid the blame on his players as Arsenal fell to a 3-2 home defeat against West Brom.

The Arsenal manager said:
"We were poor and we got a poor result. We were poor everywhere, at the back, up front and in the middle of the park.
"We had an off day and were not good enough to win the game. I believe the concentration that gives you the sharpness was not there today.
"We made it more difficult because we were not at our usual level, defensively or offensively. Anything was difficult for us today, to pass the ball, to win it back.
"Overall we got what we deserved, that is zero points. We didn't deserve more."
On the team's performance, he said:
"Well, you can have question marks over many players today if you look at the performance, especially defensively. 
"Many players made massive mistakes defensively."
 On Almunia's performance, he said:
"I do not want to talk about any one performance, we were collectively poor. You could single out many players. Overall it was a poor team performance and we have to analyse why and respond well."
On why we didn't perform today, he said: 
"It's unexplainable how flat the whole thing looked for the whole game, it's a mystery for me.
"Today in our performance something was not right. It was unusual to see a team as flat was we were."
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  1. Come on? Wenger say
    ' Coco? Well we knew he was poor, but Schwartzer couldn't get out of his retirement plan at fulham because we offered them nuffink.
    Sure, it may have blown his confidence when we choose fabianski in pre-season friendlies and looked to sign players for his position.
    but don't blame me. I'VE MADE YOU A PROFIT'

  2. As long as he doesn't see we need a good keeper, then expect this season the same we have had for the last five, very bumpy nothing to show for it except the pockets of the board and Wenger's six million a year to under-achieved

  3. it seems that we're not going to get an akinfeev or ochoa anytime soon..fair enough, if we're not willing to pay up. but really, if the goalkeeping standard is going to be this low, then why not just play mannone and wj? at least i can console myself that they're 'young' if they screw up. and i doubt they can screw it up any worse than what we're already seeing.