Sunday, 24 October 2010

Arsene Wenger and Cesc Fabregas on Arsenal's win against Manchester City

Fabregas on the team's display:
"I think we played some outstanding football and it's difficult to stop a side when they play at that tempo.
"It's very difficult what to know what will happen (over the rest of the season) and we have an important game on Wednesday (against Newcastle in the Carling Cup), but it's a good victory against a good team.

On City having to cope with the sending off, Fabregas said:
"Even if they were 15 and we were 11 we would still go and win.
"We always want to go forward and create chances but the way we played today, we were very difficult to stop. I think we were fantastic."

On playing our game without compromise, Fabregas said:
"Chelsea are looking strong but they have to play a lot of the big teams. We have to keep calm and think about the Carling Cup and then we think about West Ham next Saturday and getting back into the league."

Arsene Wenger on the performance:
"It is always difficult against 10 men but we have shown our intelligence, and we slowly took over the game. Sometimes we have played 11 against 10 and not won.

"We were on a few yellow cards so we had to calm down and play in a positive way in the second half."

On Fabianski he said:
"He was important as he did everything right. The first chance was for them and he saved it and I cannot fault him on anything."

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