Monday, 18 October 2010

Chamakh on the penalty, Arsene talks sense, Eduardo's return

Morning Gooners.

Well there are two issues which have rumbled on from the game on Saturday: Did Chamakh dive for the Arsenal penalty? And were we lucky to only receive one red card?

I'll take the Chamakh incident first. Roger Johnson thinks it was a dive, as do all the Birmingham players, but goes further calling it an "embarrassment".

I've watched countless replays of the incident and with the Birmingham player on the ground, he takes a last gasp attempt to kick the ball away and catches the heal of Chamakh's standing foot.

The forward was going down? Yes. And it was all rather theatrical. But I've seen them given against us. So why shouldn't we win one like that?

Would I be annoyed if the opposition were awarded a penalty like that? Yes. But it would be with the player who didn't need to stick a leg out whilst lying on the ground. You are never going to win back possession there and clear the danger.

However the Arsenal striker thought it was a penalty and said:
"If they think it is not a penalty then they can be disappointed but for me I was definitely touched and I fell because I was touched otherwise I wouldn't have fallen down in the area."
The obvious other talking points from the game revolve around Alex McLeish's post match comments.

I don't have time to go through them one by one. However I feel he'll be ashamed of what he's said. They smack of a manager who was disappointed his time wasting tactics from the first minute didn't pay off.

Even if the penalty hadn't been given, we'd have still gone on and won the game. Birmingham are goal shy as their statistics prove.

Elsewhere Arsene Wenger has spoken of never being able to get it right. There is always someone (The Daily Mail most predominantly) who want to put the boot in no matter what you do.

I thought that the Mail's xenophobia was restricted to their news pages. However more and more I think they've spread to their sports pages as well.

But Arsene should and does know by now there will be critics to what ever he does.

Finally, there was a lovely piece in The Observer yesterday by Jonathan Wilson on Eduardo and his move to Russia. He speaks glowingly of his affection for Arsenal and Arsene Wenger.

There will be a press conference later to discuss the Champions League game tomorrow night, so we'll get more team news then.

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