Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Fabregas, Wenger and Wilshere on Arsenal's win

Cesc Fabregas on his performance:
"I wanted to have 60-70 minutes and at 3-0 it was time to come of.
"I didn't feel anything, it felt great. We thought it was better to start the game because mentally you are more ready and you warm up better. It felt fine."

Arsene Wenger on the game: "We were a bit cautious and apprehensive in the decision but the fact he got 60 minutes without injury is very good.
"Let's not deduce too much, we have shown good quality but it is just the start, let's continue to improve.
"I am cautious because as soon as you lose urgency your level drops dramatically. The team has good potential, and they have shown that again tonight.

Wenger on Jack Wilshere:
"His maturity is miles ahead of his age, and that is a sign of his talent.
"I am happy Jack got a goal because he ran after it for some time."

Wilshere said of his aims:
"I've had a lot of games now and scored a couple, hopefully I can get a few more games now."

On his side's goals, Wilshere said: "I think it shows we're ready for the competition, even in the Premier League we're scoring goals.
"We started off sharp, they couldn't handle us and we got the goals."

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