Saturday, 6 November 2010

The Arsene Wenger 'affair' story

This morning's Sun newspaper carries allegations over it's front page and an inside double page spread about the private life of our manager Arsene Wenger.

The newspaper claims Wenger is having an affair with a 39-year-old waitress and part time singer Sonia Tatar.

The story has four photographs which the newspaper say were taken on Thursday in Paris of Wenger and his alleged mistress.

It details how the pair met in Paris two years ago and quotes "a close friend" throughout the story.

This says to me that either a close friend has sold the story to The Sun or that Ms Tatar has sold the story but does not want it to be seen as a classic kiss and tell because she still hopes of a relationship with Wenger.

It could also be that she has been advised to be first quoted as "a close friend" before selling her story again as a kiss and tell to the highest bidder.

One thing which interests me is that this all happened in Paris and France have very strict privacy laws. Could a French newspaper have this story, be barred legally from running it because it invades Wenger's private life, so sell it on to The Sun?

Other newspapers haven't picked up the story because they don't have the pictures nor can they validate the story at 11pm on a Friday night.

The Sun aren't planning to run it online according to their executive sports editor Jim Munro.

Wenger makes only a brief comment to the newspaper: 
"This is a very serious matter. I do not intend to make any comment and wish to deal with the matter privately."
In a statement, the club said:
 "Arsenal Football Club considers the allegations concerning our manager Arsene Wenger strictly a private matter and we ask that the privacy of Arsene and his family be respected."
Personally, as long as it does not effect what Arsene Wenger does at Arsenal, I don't care. 

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