Sunday, 7 November 2010

More on the Arsene Wenger "affair" story

The Sunday newspapers have followed up yesterday's exclusive in The Sun with more claims about the private life of our manager Arsene Wenger.

The claims of Wenger having an alleged affair with Sonia Tatar are rehashed by most of the tabloid press. None of the broadsheets have touched the story and surprisingly there is no mention of it in the Mail on Sunday.

Richard Desmond's Sunday Express have a story though, written by Paris based freelance Peter Allen, who's work is also used by the Sunday Mirror.

However the Express story is tucked away on page 17, not hitting the front end of the newspaper.

The News of the World go biggest of all their competitors with a double page spread, but can only quote sources and friends of both Tatar and Wenger.

The NOTW piece carries pictures of Tatar in a bikini as well as snaps with Patrick  Vieira and Claude Makelele.

They also have a picture of Mrs Wenger looking "Grim-faced".

It appears Ms Tatar is keeping a low profile on this one. Amazingly my claims yesterday for her motives are copied by most of the newspapers, but they cannot get "Wenger's mistress" to say it in her own words.

The Sunday Mirror claim Tatar wants Wenger to work in France so they can be close to one another.

The People story is headlined: "Wife defends Wenger" yet goes on to quote "one source close to Annie".

The Daily Star Sunday must have the smallest article on page 4 with the same claims that Tatar wants Wenger to quit England.

I'm not sure this story has legs. The only way more information can be printed is if either parties speak of it and I'm sure that camp Wenger won't.

All the journalists attending today's game will be told the manager won't take questions on his private life.

However if Ms Tatar decides to sell her story, there could be more nasty front pages for our manager to endure.

Like I said yesterday, whatever our manager does in his private life which doesn't break the law, is of his own concern. I will be supporting him and our team as they take on Newcastle later.

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