Thursday, 16 December 2010

Clichy in swap for Benzema? - Gallas "bitching" about Nasri

Morning Gooners.

There appears to be a football match on the horizon, so thoughts turn to that rather than the disappointing result we got on Monday night.

However there is some interesting transfer speculation around this morning.

One story which appears in the Daily Mirror might well be laughable, if it wasn't past the realms of possibility.

They suggest Real Madrid are interesting in signing Gael Clichy and are prepared to swap Karim Benzema with us to get our left back.

Now Arsene Wenger loves a forward and of course we have Kieran Gibbs coming through who might eventually replace Clichy if he could stay fit and prove he is good enough.

But I think the manager would be crazy if he were to consider this.

I know some fans are growing frustrated with Clichy's up and down performances, but I don't think the manager is mad enough to let our first choice left back leave the club when he's not been able to identify anyone better he could buy to replace Clichy.

Clichy has been a committed player for Arsenal and it's clear the club want to extend his contract beyond the end of next season.

Could he do with some time out of the team? Possibly. He's played more minutes than anyone else in our first team in the Premier League. I'm sure the manager would like to rest the Frenchman as well. But every time Gibbs is put in the team, he's not lasted the 90 and been forced off injured.

Gibbs has only come through five of his seven starts without coming off before the 90 minutes are up. We need to have someone in that position who has consistency. Unfortunately at the moment Gibbs doesn't have that.

As for Benzema. I think if Wenger was truly interested we would have gone for him rather than Chamakh.

Elsewhere there is speculation that Emmanuel Eboue is attracting interest from Roma. Apparently his contract is up at the end of the season.

It's not the first time Eboue has been linked with Roma. However what concerns me most is that if his contract is up at the end of the season, we'll get nothing for him if he were to leave.

It's also surprising considering how many players we've renegotiated their contracts in the past two years to extend them, that Eboue wasn't one of them.

I'm guessing we'll have to watch this space.

Samir Nasri has had more to say about William Gallas, this time about his comments following the Spurs game.

It is abundantly clear they don't get on. Nasri refused to shake his hand at the Grove when we played them last month.

Nasri said:
"I never said 'hello' to Gallas for a year in my own dressing room.
"Why should I have to shake his hand on TV just because he has gone to Spurs?
"That is not me. I am not a two-faced so-and-so. When I don't like someone I tell them to their face and I don't shake their hand. We don't like one another, the entire world knows this, and he even wrote about it in his book.
"After the Spurs game I heard him saying it was 'my loss' that I hadn't shaken hands with him.
"My loss? What the hell is all that about? He has forgotten how he bitched about me."
It's getting to a point where I'm bored of them sniping at one another. You hate each other. We all know that. Move on and concentrate on your football please Samir.

I'm starting to think I preferred the Nasri who didn't speak to the media.

The Club released this video of the squad training yesterday ahead of the Stoke match.

It's good to see Abou Diaby back running around. The Sun suggest he could be involved on Saturday. It would be good to see him back. I think he was a real miss at Old Trafford on Monday and would have added more bite to our midfield.

The Daily Mirror are reporting Stoke are planning on bringing some minders to protect Ryan Shawcross. Perhaps it would be better if they employed those guards to protect the Arsenal players from his tackling.

The Daily Star have 39 words with Manuel Almunia who says not coming off at half time in the game with West Brom has cost him his Arsenal career. It's hard to disagree with him.

Later the manager will host his pre-match press conference. For some reason it's a day earlier than it normally would be for a home game. We'll get the team news and such like then.

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