Saturday, 11 December 2010

Nasri on his dislike for Gallas, Evra's comments, wearing a snood

This lunchtime Samir Nasri was interviewed on the BBC's Football Focus programme by his girlfriend Tatiana Golovin, a former tennis player turned journalist.

This is the transcript of the interview:

You don't like to give a lot of interviews. Why's that?
"Because I do not like to much talk with the press and I wasn't confident with my English. So now I feel more comfortable to talk."
How do you like your life in London?
"I really enjoy my life in London. I like the style of the city. I like the people. So I'm really happy to live in London."
You're playing so well at the moment, how come?
"I just had a normal preparation at the start of the season. I wasn't injured like last year and I feel more comfortable."
So it has nothing to do with the snood that you wear now?
"No, I just wear it because I had a stiff neck and I don't know why in England everyone are talking about that at the moment."
Your manager says you have a natuaral gift. What do you think?
It's really nice from him because he's a great manager, one of the best in the world. So the most important [thing] is to work and to be good on the pitch to give him back the confidence he shows me since I came here."
And what do people think about Arsene Wenger in France?
"He's the big man in France. He has a wonderful philosophy about football so everyone respects him and I think if you ask any French people they want him one day to be the manager of the French national team."

It was an interesting game against Spurs. You're still not talking to Gallas right?
"Yes, I didn't speak with him for one year. And I will not speak with him again. I don't know why everyone was talking about why I didn't shake his hand. I'm honest and I don't like to lie with people so if I don't like someone I show him I don't like him."
Have you seen what Patrice Evra has said about Arsenal?
"Yes, I heard that yesterday on TV. I'm not going to talk about that. I just wanna show him on the pitch we are a big club and we've grown up since two years ago."
You're in the final stages of the Champions League now. What is the priority?
"The priority is to do well in every competition. We will not choose one. We are top of the league. We are in the semi final of the Carling Cup. We are in the last 16 in the Champions League. We'll do everything to win every throphy."
It's really important for you to win a throphy this season?
"Yes, it's really important after five years we have to win something."

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