Friday, 10 December 2010

Wellington admits he's off on loan but promises to return to Arsenal

Tonight Brazilian teenager Wellington Silva has admitted his immediate future lies away from Arsenal Football Club.

The FA have refused the 17-year-old a special talent visa to play for the club from January when he official becomes an Arsenal player when he turns 18.

With the deal with Brazilian side Fluminense tied up, Arsenal look set to loan the promising youngster to a Spanish club.

Arsenal have a option to appeal the decision but their statement published this lunchtime did not reveal whether they planned to take that route.

However Wellington seems to have been told he won't play in England this season.

He tweeted (translation via: Brazilian Gunners):
"Unfortunately Arsenal's request to the FA was denied. I won't be able to play in England in January.

"All the plans, everything that was almost set already will be put on hold for a year. I don't know what to do, I didn't expect it.

"But if this has happened it's because GOD wanted it this way and I'm sure it's the best thing for me.

"I'm just so upset today that I couldn't control myself. I really didn't expect it.

""It'll be a very different year for me, but life goes on and I'll do my best to forget everything and in one year I'll be back where I belong."

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