Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Wenger on Chelsea win and Cesc Fabregas' talk over Arsenal being scared

Arsene Wenger hailed his side's victory over Chelsea as a game which keeps Arsenal in the title race.

The Frenchman said the win had a double impact on his team's attempt to pick up the league title of the first time since 2004.

Wenger said:
"This win has a double impact. Mathematically, it keeps us in touch with the leaders of the league.
"And psychologically, it was important. We were questioned about our capability of winning big games."
With Arsenal said to be scared of winning big games, even questioned by captain Cesc Fabregas whether they had the mentality to win complete victories over the other big four, this result lifts the Gunners back into second position in the Premier League.

Wenger praised his team, who hadn't won against Chelsea in a Premier League for the past four games.

He said:
"I'm happy with the desire in the team. We kept good discipline in the team for 90 minutes and put in a real team performance.
"Two years ago with the same players, we were maybe battered by Chelsea. Last year we felt we were getting closer.
"This year, at United and Chelsea, we were more frustrated because we were more in the game and there was no real difference.
"Maybe we played a bit with the handbrake. It was a slow learning process that we got out of our system tonight."

And on getting over the hoodoo and the physiological impact of beating a fellow "big team", the Frenchman believes his team have made a turning point.

He said:
"Cesc Fabregas said we were maybe scared to win. There was a strong word, but maybe there was something in it.
"We didn't see that tonight. It was a locked game at the start, but the first goal gave a huge advantage.
"We are not bullied any more, that is for sure.
"It's always very difficult to say because every game is different, but I feel we have matured over the last two years."

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