Monday, 13 December 2010

Wenger says Arsenal's game suffered because of the Old Trafford pitch

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger said the poor condition of the Old Trafford pitch was one of the reasons tonight's top of the table clash was not a spectacle.

Both side struggled with passing and possession in the game which ended in a 1-0 victory to Manchester United.

But the Frenchman believes his side should have taken something from the game.

He said:
"I believe yes, because we gave everything. The game was very intense, both teams were well-organised, the intensity of the game was very high and on a very bad pitch.
"Overall the technical quality of the game suffered from a very bad pitch and that was why on both sides you've seen unusual technical mistakes."
Wenger added: 
"I don't think we failed to deliver; we lost a game and that can happen here."

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