Friday, 7 January 2011

Wenger reveals Eden Hazard has what it takes to play for Arsenal

Arsene Wenger has revealed Arsenal are tracking the movements of Belgium international Eden Hazard.

The attacker, who turned 20 today and plays for French side Lille, has spoken recently of his enjoyment at watching the Gunners.

There have been unconfirmed reports the north London club have an agreement with the Ligue 1 side that Wenger will be offered the player first when he is sold.

Here is a transcript from the manager's lunchtime press conference. The questions were asked in French for Channel Stade 2.

Q: The Second Question regards the future of the current best player of the Ligue 1 who is 20 years old and dreams about playing for Arsenal, his name is Eden Hazard. What is your opinion about him? Do you see him in your team?

AW: That's an interesting question. We follow him and personally I think he has a real talent and he has the level to play for Arsenal, yes.

Q: Yesterday we did see him and he said to me: my dream is to play for Arsenal.

AW: You know, you have to realise your dream.

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