Thursday, 13 January 2011

Wenger tears into his team - Upson in? - Ramsey out?

Morning Gooners.

I've still not recovered from last night's performance. It was truly shocking. I don't think I've seen this team play as badly as I did in such an important match.

Yes, I know all is not lost. We still have the second leg. But it was so bitterly disappointing for all the 4,000 Gooners who made the effort to go and support the team.

I know Ipswich isn't a million miles away for most making the journey and we've all seen this team lose whether it be at the Grove or on the road, but to see us put in an awful 90 minute shift against a team who lost 7-0 at the weekend.

I would never have expected that score line again. We know teams are different beasts when they play at home and so it proved this time around.

I could go through each player and list what they did well and what they failed to achieve. But to be honest they all failed to live up to even being average.

Something wasn't right from the off. I can't put my finger on it. The passing wasn't quick when we dominated possession. I don't think the team selection was right either. Jack Wilshere and Denilson in the centre didn't work for me. 

And Andrey Arshavin - he's going through the worst form of his Arsenal career. He really had a stinker.

From what I hear the dressing room wasn't a good place to be after the match. And the manager was quite right to be annoyed by his players. They let him down. And they let the traveling Gooners down as well.

Wenger told the press afterwards: 
"We were not sharp, not creative. We had an off night. Every single pass was a problem from the start. We rely a lot on our sharp and crisp passing, but that was always a problem tonight.
"As a team, we did not put in the performance we wanted. In every department we were below our usual level. It would be unfair to put the blame only on the defenders tonight. In every single department we were not at our level.
"I believe we'll turn it round, but we got a good warning tonight. We'll have to put in a better performance."
From where I was standing the striker looked offside and from the replays I've seen it appears to be the case. But there is no point thinking what might have been had the officials been up to their jobs.

We have a chance to turn this tie around. Being one goal down isn't the worst result to take back to the Grove. We just know we have to be at our best and take our chances.

Ipswich were the better team on the night and fair play to them for taking advantage of us.

Away from the game there are a couple of stories of interest.

There is increasing chatter about Matthew Upson rejoining us. He's got six months to go on his contract with West Ham, so could fit our budget.

And the other story going round is the possibility of Aaron Ramsey joining Blackpool on loan. 

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