Saturday, 5 February 2011

Abou Diaby: A message

Dear Abou,

I know that Joey Barton was going for you and that was his second attempt to maim you. But I expect more from you.

Today was a real chance for you to steal your place In the team.

We were at a stage in the game when we needed you to stay cool.

Johan Djourou had gone of minutes earlier through injury. We needed you to protect our defence.

But you let emotion to get the better of you and you not only let yourself down but your team mates.

You might have been frustrated with the useless referee we had today in Phil Dowd. But you needed to keep your head.

Today was your real chance with no competition from Alex Song or Denilson to prove to Arsene Wenger what you could do.

And during your time on the pitch you showed great promise. But then you grabbed Joey Barton round the neck and shoved Kevin Nolan.

Yes, they deserved it. But your team mates didn't deserve to be facing a numerical disadvantage.

Please be more conscious of the results of your actions in the future - today they cost us two points.



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