Saturday, 26 February 2011

Jack Wilshere and Andrey Arshavin reveal Arsenal's Carling Cup final preparations

Jack Wilshere and Andrey Arshavin have revealed how them and their team mates will be preparing tonight for Arsenal's Carling Cup final with Birmingham City.

The players will head to a hotel where they will eat dinner together as a team - Arshavin notably is the quickest eater and the first to return to his room.

Of course, there will be no mobile phones anywhere near the dining room.

The players will then relax, Wilshere tweeted he was watching Take Me Out on ITV.

Asked if there would be pictures of the 24 hours leading up to the final posted on Twitter, Wilshere told Arsenal TV Online:
"Yes, definitely. I'm going to take a picture of a couple of tickets and there's going to be a couple of pictures from the coach on the way [to Wembley]." 
In the recent past, Wilshere has posted pictures of him and his team mates playing x-box in their hotel rooms.

Arshavin told his official site of the build up to the game:
"On Saturday we arrive at the hotel. In fact, everything depends on the time of the beginning of the game. When the game starts early, we always, as they say in Russia, get "quarantined" the day before the game. And if the game starts late, we arrive from home. This is a normal practice."

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