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Rosicky dreams - Moyes retreats - Wenger has money to burn - Bendtner woe

Morning Gooners.

Well today sees us back in action again and we'll be looking to maintain our record, going unbeaten in our last seven league games. It will be great to be writing and talking about matters on the pitch instead of those off it.

The Arsenal players travelled to the north east yesterday afternoon. Some took the opportunity during the flight to rest their eyes. However  Cesc Fabregas and Robin van Persie got snapping and caught their team mates in a state of sleep.

I found the caption Cesc wrote with the picture he took of Tomas Rosicky particularly funny.

One man still angry with Cesc is our old "friend" David Moyes. However I think it's all over when he admitted he wouldn't take it any further even if the FA came calling. 

He said:
"There's no way I want Cesc Fábregas or Arsenal to be done by the FA, not at all. 
"In fact, if the FA come asking I will say I'm not interested. I've no problem with them at all. 
"Cesc Fábregas is a top player and what Arsène Wenger has achieved is terrific and his teams are great so I've got nothing but admiration for them."
Why bring it up then David? If you don't want action to be taken against Cesc, why bring it up? You're basically coming away from this one with your tail between your legs. You lied. Admit it. You didn't hear what Cesc said. And even if he said those things, he said them in the heat of the moment.

Mr Moyes, shame on you. You've let the good name of Everton Football Club fall even lower in the estimations of every right thinking football fan by lying. Phil Brown lied two seasons ago said Cesc had spat at the feet of his assistant manager and look what happened to him. You're walking a very fine line.

I'm sure Cesc won't be bothered. It's water off a duck's back to him. He'll go on playing his game and leading our club.

The manager has been speaking about not spending tens of millions on new players. This comes after Chelsea and Liverpool went crazy in the transfer market on the closing day of the window spending a combined £85 million.

In contrast, Wenger said Arsenal had never spent more than €15 million on a player.

He said
"I don't criticise people who invest bigger. We have gone for development of our youth system with the philosophy that is internal so we are less in demand to bring any in."
Whilst I understand fans getting frustrated we don't spend millions within the transfer market, our policy has been paying off for the 15 years the manager has been at the club, more so in the past four seasons we've been at the Grove.

Being able to compete with clubs who's transfer budgets could buy our first team in a single swoop amazes me.

Just think, Robin van Persie was signed for £2.5 million. What is he worth today?

And talking of the  Dutchman, he believes Manchester United will drop points.

He said
"We all know United's schedule, we know Chelsea's schedule, but the main thing is to just look at our own.
"We have got a tough opponent now, Newcastle away, and so we only need to look at that.
"I am confident Manchester United will drop points, 100%, because they have big games coming up - they have their own derby, they have games against Chelsea, other big games, so we will see what is going to happen."
There is a five point gap at the moment so something will have to give is we're going to come up alongside them and over take them to win the title.

We've seen on the road this season that Ferguson's men aren't as potent as they are when they play at Old Trafford. Lets hope they slip up whilst we continue with our good form.

Laurent Koscielny believes he's now part of the fixtures and fittings at the club, continuing his steep learning curve.

He said:
"My first months at Arsenal were harsh, physically and mentally. I never doubted my qualities but it did take me time to adapt.
"Now I feel better and my call-up for the French team is down to the hard work we do every day at the club."
I've been impressed with his development since he's been at Arsenal. Lot of that learning has been done on the pitch during match days, but he's coped admirably. His partnership with Johan Djourou has surprised a lot of people including myself. But from seeing them gel, I think both have got long term futures with the club.

They are still learning and will make mistakes. It's how they cope with and learn from those mistakes which will see them sink or swim at this level.

Nicklas Bendtner is making the news for some good and sad reasons.

In the Daily Mirror there are some more statistics produced by French psychologist Jacques Crevoisier. Bendtner is basically 10 out of 9 when his self confidence is judged.

And in The Sun there is some sad news that he's split up with the mother of his first child, seven weeks after its birth.

There is some wonderful things on the agenda for the next FIFA meeting. At a conference where they could be discussing goal-line technology, the offside rule or the use of technology to aid referees, they are discussing whether snoods are a health and safety risk to players.

Two good interviews with Arsenal players to enjoy.

Gael Clichy talks with the Daily Telegraph, whilst goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny chats with The Guardian.

And one mad goalkeeper has words of encouragement for young Wojciech as well.

Finally today, lets all laugh at Tottenham and mad Harry. Delusional. 

I'll be back later with team thoughts and who I think will be in the starting line up.

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