Monday, 7 February 2011

Rosicky nonsense - Arshavin's happy United lose - Wilshere out of jail

Morning Gooners.

Well that was a weekend and a half! Who would have thought on Saturday morning all the things which went on over the past 48 hours could have taken place. The Arsenal drawing after taking a four goal lead, unbeaten Manchester United losing at the bottom club in the league, Chelsea paying £50 million for a striker who has less touches of the ball than any other player on the pitch in the 65 minutes he's on it before he's substituted against his old club who in turn win the match.

Then there's Phil Dowd not actually being good enough to referee a Sunday league match, let alone a Premier League game and then the news that interpol are investigating suspicious betting linked to our 4-4 draw.  Gooner Talk were first with this one.

Can you really believe it? I certainly can't. 

Regarding the interpol stuff, It's gotta be a load of rubbish. To suggest that Tomas Rosicky could be involved in any way is absolutely absurd. Yes, there could have been a lot of money wagered on the match, but that can't be unusual.

Anyway, none of the established British media outlets are reporting anything about it. And given some of them love to generate a bit of traffic with some kind of spurious headline, it notable they've not gone anywhere near this story.

I'm sure if there is anything to be said, you can be sure the official site will be saying it at some point today.

We go into an international break with our next game being on Saturday at home to Wolves. Arsene Wenger will be left with very few players to work with and the manager is worried there could be some psychological damage to our draw.

The manager said:
"Mathematically the damage is, two points; psychologically, the damage is a bit bigger because everybody is, of course, very, very disappointed in the dressing room. Only the future will tell.
"How do we go about repairing the psychological damage? By focusing on our next game. It is part of our job. You want to do well in the next game. And time helps, focusing on the next game helps. That is all we can do."
That was all said before Manchester United lost at Wolves. And whilst it's obviously very disappointing to let a four goal lead slip, I think we have to write it off as another of those freak days were things conspired against us. I know this season there have been too many of them but we're still unbeaten in the league this year and we have got to take heart from that.

Andrey Arshavin says we have to move on and look forward to the next match.

He said:
"Naturally, we were all sad. Only Manchester United being defeated later that night sweetened the pill a bit. 
"But we are not psychologically broken. We just cannot afford to be. 
"If we want to win, we must not be sitting and moaning. We need to analyse that unfortunate match and draw the right conclusions from it. 
"That day is over and left behind. We need to think and prepare for the next match in the Premier League against Wolves."
I know I was lifted by the Wolves win. I tweeted after the Newcastle game that every Gooner's weekend had been ruined by that result but hearing Manchester United had dropped all three points and no longer had the chance to go the season unbeaten cheered me up no end.

I just hope the players feel the same way.

Bacray Sagna has defended Abou Diaby in The Sun, while Graham Poll in the Daily Mail says Kevin Nolan should have been sent off alongside the Frenchman.

There is no further update on Johan Djourou in the English media to the news I posted yesterday.

Finally, it appears no action will be taken about the tweet Jack Wilshere made on Saturday night, according to The Guardian.

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