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Wenger names his own successor - Wilshere better than Makelele - Bad RVP

Morning Gooners,

There is a some news around apart from the obvious post match stuff about Jack Wilshere tweeting. As I blogged yesterday, there is nothing in the tweet he deleted that can be disagreed with. But perhaps sharing his opinion with the twittersphere isn't the best thing to do. 

I hope he doesn't get charged but fear he will.

The main news around surrounds a name put in the frame to succeed Arsene Wenger as Arsenal manager by the Frenchman himself.

Dragan Stojković has been named as the man he thinks should take the reins at the Grove when he departs at the end of his contract.

Stojković is the former Yugoslavia international captain who is presently managing Wenger's last club, Japanese side Grampus Eight.

He played under Wenger at the Japanese club before returning to his homeland to become president of the Yugoslav Football Association. He then held the role of president of Red Star Belgrade. Stojković returned to Japan to take over as manager of Grampus Eight in January 2008

The News of the World have the story (the link may not work - plus there is a pay wall as well).

Wenger is quoted as saying:
"I'd love Piksi (Stojkovic's nickname) to be my successor. There are a hundred reasons for that. His football philosophy is almost identical to mine. Our ideas are the same and we both strive for perfect football.
"I knew he was going to have his teams playing attacking football with many passes. He has done that, showing he will be a great coach.
"I told him that if he could transmit his football imagination to his players he would fly high."
The quotes don't sound very much like Wenger. They originate from Serbian paper Vecernje Novosti. Make of them what you will.

Update: I've tweeted with the author of the News of the World piece Jonathan Wilson who has confirmed Wenger did actually say this to a Serbian journalist last week. He has verified the translation into English with the original Serbian. I'm confident if Jonathan believes they are accurate they will be.

Also in the News of the World, they report we had a loan bid for Richard Dunne turned down by Aston Villa in the last week of the transfer window.

Elsewhere, the England squad was named for Wednesday night's fixture with Denmark in Copenhagen. It includes the names of Theo Walcott and Jack Wilshere but there is no room for Kieran Gibbs.

And Fabio Capello has been talking about Wilshere.

The Italian is lining him up to play in a similar role as he does for the Arsenal.

Rather than playing as he does for us as a deep lying midfielder, Wilshere will play the holding role.

Capello said
"Wilshere will play in front of the back four. It is not the position he prefers – he wants to go forward. But one of the midfielders has to stay back.
"Makelele was faster and could play with both feet, but Wilshere is really intelligent on the pitch. His movement, with or without the ball, has improved a lot. For me, Wilshere is better.
"In some games at Arsenal he has played forward. In other games he has played in front of the back four.
"He has improved a lot with short passes and winning back the ball. He is playing with confidence now."
I don't have a problem with where on the pitch Capello wants to play Wilshere, it is all great for his understanding of the game. What I do have a problem with is that Stuart Pearce looks set to name him in his squad for England under 21s for the European championships this summer.

Wilshere will have played a lot of football between now and the end of the season. If he's a first choice pick for Capello, he should not be included in the under-21s this summer.

Probably an argument for another day - when or if it actually happens.

Wilshere and Walcott won't have to much further to travel as England will begin their preparations at London Colney before flying out on Tuesday.

Former Holland boss Guus Hiddink has been talking about the days that Robin van Persie was a naughty boy.

Quite why he's been speaking about van Persie is unknown to me.

Hiddink said
"Robin used to be a right rascal. He used to clash in his early days in Holland with the big stars.
"But the man who was a handful in those days, is now the man who the new rascals look up to. I can see that those lads in the Arsenal team feel comfortable with Robin around.
"Players who have experience as young, difficult players in their career and have developed, have an extra quality."
Van Persie is part of the Dutch squad which will face Austria in Eindhoven on Wednesday night.

And finally our favourite Barcelona player has being going on about Cesc's DNA again. Xavi it really is getting boring.

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