Thursday, 10 March 2011

Arsenal legend spot on in his analysis of Van Persie red card

Arsenal legend John Lukic spoke to BBC Rado Five Live after the game last night.

He was asked about the decision of Swiss referee Massimo Busacca to send off Robin van Persie for kicking the ball away in the second half.

It was the Dutch strikers second yellow card of the game following a first half caution for a coming together with Daniel Alves.

Former Gunners keeper Lukic believes it was the turning point in the game.

He said:
"I think it ruined the game as a spectacle because at that point it was finely balance irrespective of whether Barcelona had the majority of the play, which they did and I don't think anyone would argue.
"The fact is Arsenal are quite capable of scoring a goal which we saw at the Emirates late on in the game, they broke away and scored the second goal.
"Now, the only thing I would say about the decision that he made was, it's rash. It's rash from the point of view that he is in control of the game. He can actually stand there and take stock of  what's actually happened. 
"But it seems to me as though he didn't reflect long enough  and perhaps, I don't know, there was an incident in the first half involving van Persie where he had gone past somebody and there looked like there was contact with one of the defenders - whether or not that had a part to play in it I don't know.
"But I think from a spectacle, you've got to exercise a little bit of common sense because you're denying people of a finely balanced game that everybody wants to see.
"And I can't imagine how many millions of people will be watching that game and to think at that moment he gets sent off - that's the end of it... you can walk out and make your cup of tea."

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