Friday, 18 March 2011

Wenger clears up when he decided Vermaelen was out for the season

Arsene Wenger has cleared up the time scale when he decided Thomas Vermaelen wouldn't play for Arsenal again this season.

The Gunners boss created confusion among supporters who were under the impression the Beglium international would play for the north Londoners before the end of May.

At his pre match press conference yesterday, Wenger said Vermaelen wouldn't make his comeback in the last ten games of Arsenal's Premier League campaign.

He said:
"For Thomas Vermaelen, the season is over.

"In fairness he has not played since September. I never expected him to be fit before the end of the season.

"He's not out on the field yet and it's impossible that six months without competition - for me the season is over.
"I'm confident we'll have a full recovery but for this season we cannot rely on him."
Fans quite rightly questioned why if Wenger knew in January Vermaelen wouldn't play this season he didn't either buy or loan a player to act as cover in central defence.

However, in his pre-match interview with Arsenal TV Online, the Gunners boss clarified the timescale in which he made the decision.

Wenger told Arsenal TV Online:
"I prepared myself to that [Vermaelen being out for the season] a few weeks ago when I saw that he had another set back in coming out on the field.
"I though, 'now it is over'."

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