Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Arsenal need a 'David Dein' character to support Arsene Wenger

Morning Gooners,

Apologises for the lack of posts for the past couple of days. I had hoped my departure from the blogging world would be a short one and had written a post yesterday, only for it to be deleted. I was having one of those days!

I tried to keep my thoughts away from Arsenal on Monday, but the pain of our defeat and exit from the title race still burns strong inside me. I'm sure we're all in the same boat. Frustrated and disappointed that yet another season which promised so much has delivered so little.

There has been a lot of questions and blame for the way the season has gone thrown at the manager. Personally, I believe Arsene Wenger has tried his hardest with this team to achieve something this season. We've got to the final of the Carling Cup and had we not blown it in the final, think we would have stood with a better chance of winning other silverware.

The statistics don't lie. Since that Wembley final we have won two matches, drawn five and lost three times going out of the Champions League, FA Cup and finally last weekend the league.

I respect people have the right to question whether Wenger is the man to lead us forward. However, if you want him to leave, be careful what you wish for. Remember 14 seasons of Champions League football might look easy to achieve, but it's not.

Personally he still has my backing. I cannot see a future yet at Arsenal Football Club without him leading us through another season. What I do believe though is that he does need the support and guidance of someone on the board.

Since David Dein's departure four years ago we are yet to replace the person on the board who gave Wenger the support he needed. We've won nothing in that time and since reading the interview with Keith Edleman in the Mail on Sunday, it has become clearer to me Wenger needs a Dein type figure at the club.

I think that Dein would have helped Wenger make the right decisions last summer when it was clear we needed some experience added to the squad. I'm sure he would have told Wenger not to worry about the extra couple of million it would have cost for Player X and would have gone and signed the player.

I very much doubt we would be in the position we are in had Wenger had that support from on higher. I know that the board have complete faith in the manager, but are they really questioning him in the right way?

Following the untimely death of Danny Fiszman, who was another of Wenger's staunch allies, the board appears to be light of people who have the authority and footballing experience to question and support Wenger.

Hopefully Stan Kroenke will rectify that.

I can envisage there being a lot of change at Arsenal this summer in all areas: the playing staff, the board and possibly if Pat Rice does retire, the assistant manager's role.

I could write about which players I think should leave but I don't believe there is any use in doing that until the end of the season. There are four important games still to be played between now and 6pm on May 22 which will determine where we finish in the top four.

The transfer window doesn't open until the close season so we are stuck with what we've got. These are our players for the next four games at least and I will continue to support them until such time as they don't wear the Arsenal shirt.

This is going to be a tough week to get through. Hopefully the players will want to put on a show for us for the remaining four games, starting with a win against Manchester United on Sunday.


There is speculation in many of the papers that Andrey Arshavin might head back to Russia after his former club Zenit St Petersburg said they were prepared to take him back. The fee would have to be to Arsenal's liking of course.

It will be an interesting summer for Arshavin. He's not first choice and on good money. Arsenal hold the cards when it comes to his contract so it will be down to the club whether he stays or goes.

And I think that decision could be inter linked with rumours that Arsenal are prepared to let Cesc Fabregas go at the end of the season according to The Sun.

If Fabregas does go, Nasri would be offered the chance to play behind the striker and that could open up a space for Arshavin in the team.

Anyway, pure speculation at the moment. Personally I want to see all three, including Nasri, stay at the club.

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