Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Sagna: The Interview - on Arsenal, Nasri, Fabregas, Gervinho and Evra

Arsenal defender Bacray Sagna has spoken to French radio station RMC.

He spoke to former Paris Saint-Germain coach Luis Fernandez about a variety of issues.

For, our French friends at Gro(o) has translated the interview for us. Check out their blog - which is mainly in French or you can follow their English and French tweets on Twitter.

On Arsenal's season: 
"We were still in the running in January, but we blew all our chances in two weeks. It's entirely our fault. Defeat against Brimingham in League Cup was very painfull. Everyone thought we will win easily. But at the end, we failed. Anyway, I hardly understand how one single game could have destroy our entire season. I admit it's one of the thing we have to improve.We have to be more mentally efficient and tough, and avoid loosing easy games. This season, for example, we lost at Newcastle, while we were leading four-nill at half time. It should never happen. We have to focus and work hard to ensure we'll never do that again."
About his Arsenal future: 
"I have a very good feeling playing with these team, and I'm convinced a lot of French players want to be in my position. But it's true I would have preferred to finish the season with a smile and a trophy. Everything is possible, but I can say I'm now at Asrenal at 99%."
On Arsene Wenger's future: 
"When people think about Arsenal, they think about the boss. He built this team and this project, and I definitely don't see him leaving."
On Samir Nasri's situation at the club:
"Samir is now happy at Arsenal. Reflexion and decision about his future can be decided by nobody but him. Today, he's wearing Arsenal shirt, and all I wish for him is to always improve and being stronger. Samir was one of our best players this season, and the team needs him to stay. He's my friend, and it's not my role to advice him how to manage his career. But I really hope He will be with us for the next season."
On Cesc Fabregas' future:
"Compared to last summer, I feel him more convinced he will return in his homeland, to play in his hometown, close to his family and for one of the best clubs in the world. But I don't know at what point discussions are, if there is discussions. Only thing I know, is that Cesc is still our captain, and sitll an Arsenal player."
On Lille striker and Arsenal target Gervinho: 
"I've heard about him. He's a gifted player. This season, he was a key player for Lille, and really help his team to be champion. He's got a wonderfull technique on a football field, and I'm sure he would be welcome."
On Manchester United's Patrice Evra: 
"I know Patrice very well. He likes to trash-talk, but I told him he's goes too far sometimes. His words are a good motivation when we played against Manchester United. I'm waiting to lift a trophy, and I promise I will talk too him about it. But I have to admit he's right on certain points, like our need of temper and the need to win trophies."

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