Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Arsenal can't afford to lose Samir Nasri for free according to AST

Arsenal do not have the fund to allow Samir Nasri to walk away from the club for free next summer and expect to replace him with a world class player, according to the Arsenal Supporters Trust.

Board member Tim Payton highlighted the problem of allowing the Frenchman to stay at the Grove and see out the final year of his contract at the AST meeting last night - it would leave the club with no money to replace him with next summer.

The club has around £30m in it's Transfer Proceeds Account which can only be spent on new signings and contract upgrades of squad members.

However if that money is spent this summer, plus any money created from sales of current members of the first team, the club will have little to reinvest in the squad next summer.

The manager will also have to use the TPA proceeds to upgrade the contracts of Robin van Persie, Theo Walcott, Johan Djourou and Andrey Arshavin, all of whom enter the final 12 months of their deals with the club this time next year.

It means Arsenal would be unable to replace Nasri with the same calibre of player in 12 months time.

Speaking at last night's Arsenal Supporters Trust meeting, Payton said:
"You've got a manager where the short term matters like it never used to. So he might be just focused on the strongest squad he's got for next year.
"If Arsenal let Nasri sit there for one more year on that contract without signing a new one as the manager indicated he was fine with today, that's actually like paying Nasri £20m to play his last year.
"When he leaves for the bigger contract at the end of the year, that's inevitible, you need that kind of money to get that level of replacement in.
"So you could actually say that Nasri staying, that the TPA used up this year. You won't see any other signings coming in.
"That's the kind of constant thing Ivan (Gazidis) is having to weigh up. And at times at most football clubs board would be against manager.
"Do you think Harry Redknapp thinks about the long term future of Tottenham? All he thinks about is now, now, now.
"For a long time Arsene Wenger - some people might say - has become too much like a director, thinking always about the long term spending. But he's under a different pressure now.
"Is his desire to keep Nasri for one more year driven by the fact he knows how important that year is for him?"

Wenger has stated that selling the Frenchman would send out the wrong message about the club.

The Arsenal manager said:
"Samir's situation is clear for me - he stays.
"I've told you that we are in a position where we can say 'No.' And we will [in the case of Nasri]."

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