Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Arsenal set to increase Arsene Wenger's transfer war chest through commercial deals

Arsenal's CEO has defended his commercial team and says the club will announce new deals which will generate significant sums for the north London club.

Members of the Arsenal Independent Supporters Association (AISA) questioned Ivan Gazidis over why the club's Chief Commercial Officer Tom Fox (pictured) and team of highly paid staff had only managed to secure one deal in the two years they'd been at the club.

Gazidis was quick to point out that Fox and his team were on the verge of securing a number of deals which would create serious amounts of income for the club.

The CEO said Fox and his team were more than achieving their targets which Gazidis hopes will grow the amount of cash generated away from ticket sales and match day income.

The executive said the club were working hard to achieve similar revenues of those achieved by Manchester United who made more than twice the amount Arsenal did last year from their commercial contracts.

Gazidis said:
"It's imperative for us if we are going to be able to drive the same kind of revenues (as Manchester United) on the commercial side that we make those investments and we have.
"Those investments will pay off many many times over and by the end of this year I will predict they will be more than washing their own face and anything else is pure uplift.
"The Indesit partnership is a first announcement. It is dramatic new announcement in a category - white goods - where we have never had a secondary partner before so that represents in itself a significant change. This means it is brand new revenue to the club in a category where no one was interested to come to us before."

He added:
"There will be more announcements on the commercial front. I'm feeling very, very good about this. There will be some more announcements over the next couple of weeks of new partners in existing categories and renewals of existing partners in their categories.
"This is an area that I'm convinced represents a great investment for the club. It's very high margin and it's essential if we're to compete at the top level."

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