Sunday, 23 October 2011

RVP reveals Gunners have returned to zonal marking

Arsenal captain Robin van Persie has revealed the Gunners have returned to a zonal marking system for defending set pieces.

After the defeat against Blackburn, Arsene Wenger switched from the zonal marking system he employed since the start of the season back to the tried and tested man marking used previously.

But in his column for the official Arsenal programme prior to this afternoon's game with Stoke, van Persie revealed a change in tactics.

The Dutchman said: "We need to begin today's game against Stoke as we did against Marseille, with everything in order from the back onwards.

"When we are all organised then we can move on and look at what else there is to do; we have to create chances of course, because that's the end result of our game.

"We know we are going tone tested on set pieces today so it's vital to be very well organised - everyone needs to die for the zones they're protecting.

"If we do that, I'm 100 per cent sure we can play our normal game and do a little bit more with our offensive play than we did on Wednesday."

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