Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Arteta reveals what's really going on -Club in media lockdown -Rosicky off?

Morning Gooners.

Well, as you might have guessed, there is little going on this morning and that's to be expected. We've had much of the reaction from the players and football pundits yesterday following Sunday's match. Now we're left with the void before the manager speaks again to the media on Friday.

It's probably a good time to reflect on how fan we've come since the start of the season. We've hardly set the world on fire, but I suppose that was to be expected given the way the summer was completely mismanaged.

In the last seven games we've managed to take seven points from our matches, compared with 22 points from the previous eight games. Our seven games at the start of the season provided us with seven points. It's as though we're going round in circles.

But now is the time to take action. We've made a £16.6m net profit in the previous two transfer windows and not spent big in January since 2009. I think it's clear for all to see that the signing of Theirry Henry has just papered over the huge crack - the fact we need a top class forward who can either replace Robin van Persie in the starting 11 or play alongside him in one of our two wide positions.

We all saw how well Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain did on Sunday - even the England manager Fabio Capello is signing his praises - but I don't think any of us really believe that a teenager can produce a consistent level of performance we need to ensure of a top four finish.

By no means am I writing off The Ox - I am one of his biggest fans - I just don't think you can place so much pressure on a player so young and inexperienced. Really he needs to be integrated into a winning side - a team who isn't under the pressure we are.

And let's not forget last summer when his signing was announced. Many were unhappy that we had spent £10m+ on signing The Ox from Southampton when he wasn't what we needed. Look at those same people who are purring over him now...

One of the reasons I'm sure the manager has held back handing Oxlade-Chamberlain his full debut is because he knows that all young players are inconsistent. There is also an unhealthy level of expectation placed on their shoulders by supporters and the media alike. I know that The Ox will be a huge player for us - better than Theo Walcott - but I'm not expecting to see a level of consistency for several years when he's producing for us week in, week out.

Let's not forget that after all those years in the first team, we haven't seen a good level of consistency from Theo Walcott. And we should remember that he's just 22 years-old.

However I expect Oxlade-Chamberlain to be handed an extended run in the first team because of the poor form of Andrey Arshavin and the missing Gervinho.

Elsewhere Mikel Arteta has spoken out following a number of press reports yesterday which said the dressing room was divided and some wanted the manager to leave.

The Spaniard told French radio station RMC Sports:

"All the players are supportive of Wenger — there are no divisions. 
"When we've had bad results the fans get upset with the manager but that's normal in football. 
"Wenger has done so much for the club that he deserves the confidence of the fans."

No matter how bad it gets, I don't see the manager walking away from the club before the end of the season - even though he's yet again been linked with the managers role at Real Madrid.

And finally Tomas Rosicky's agent is flying in for talks with the manager over the midfielder's future. The Czech midfielder is out of contract at the end of season. Personally I don't think he'll be around next season.

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